A worldwide company based in the Mountain region of Italy, Grosfillex, has grown from a wooden tool handle firm to a global business providing an extensive range of resin products. Grosfillex has developed its outstanding reputation on creation the development and advertising of resin products destined for home and commercial use. Grosfillex establishes a standard of excellence throughout the industry with its strict standards for quality at each level.

Grosfillex now has operations not simply in the office at home in Europe, but also in Northern America Australia.


Celebrating materials years of production in North America over, Grosfillex has developed a strong reputation on study & development of advanced goods that were business, while remaining loyal to the values and prerequisites of the commercial marketplace, always focusing on new materials and systems. We have been dedicated to providing permanent furnishings that feature the operation, durability, features, fashion, and comfort, they have begun to expect in a competitive cost to the Institutional, Hospitality and Food-Service experts. Grosfillex proceeds to evolve its styles through their enduring passion for the business.

Company Headquarters - PA, Robesonia

Submission Center


Grosfillex The United States, based in Pa, includes two divisions that are operating, and services the Usa, Canada, Mexico. While the Industrial Product Section provides sellers and providers of the Food and food service industry, Specialty Retailers, and also to additional specialist markets, product is marketed by the Consumer Product Division through mass merchants. Five products are fabricated and sold through various distribution programs.

Contract Furnishings: outdoor furniture for commercial companies including hotels, restaurants, spa hotels.

Specialty Retail Furniture: outdoor and indoor furniture for residential use.

Furniture: rack that is decorative and utility.

Lawn and Garden: planters.

Discretion Furniture: casual furniture offered through mass merchants.

These product lines are supported by the efforts of various departments including bookkeeping, administration, distribution, HR, manufacturing and sales. This construction encourages motivation and independent thinking although delegation of responsibility in the least levels. Each member of the Grosfillex team contributes to the achievement of the company and gives its spirit that is excited worldwide.


Grosfillex has distinguished itself as a leader in the commercial standard furniture business through quality, its unique product design, performance, fashion as well as comfort. Every one of these components certainly are a should need to define the yard that is perfect whether it be pool-side or eating underneath the stars - all of them are supplied at the best value money can buy!

Us businesses include manufacturing facilities in Pa and Distribution Centers in both Pennsylvania and Ca providing quality goods, cost-effective, support that is fast and on-time deliveries to make certain client satisfaction that is ongoing.


Grosfillex demands on providing exceptional quality in each piece of furniture they make. By using methods and the very best materials available and paying attention to particulars in the production procedure, we have established ourselves as a leader in the industry grade outdoor furniture business, assembling our merchandises to do like no other.

Grosfillex has established security and quality through ASTM http://www.outdoor-resin-furniture.com/grosfillex-resin-furniture Society for Testing and Materials) using the publication of ASTM F1561-96 Class B, F1838 Class-B, F1858 and F1988-99 Class B industry standard for http://www.sears.com/search=grosfillex 47658004 stacking deck chair business outdoor chairs.


Grosfillex prides itself on honoring the environment using a concentrated effort of reducing, re using and recycling other stuff and with a low-energy manufacturing process that produces no emissions. Than creating products that are similar from other substances, less energy is used by producing plastic products. Grosfillex resin products don't use external remedies which contaminate the water level and can remove. Grosfillex resin furniture is 100% recyclable.