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Rebecca's Writings This is going to be very random and updated infrequently, so don't expect too much.

Gothic Rebecca
Community Member
So I did a little poking around in the forums and quickly made a few observations.

1. There are fewer people posting now. This tells me that either there are fewer people on the site now, or people just aren't using the forums as much anymore. The CB is known for being the fastest moving forum on the site. A few years ago I recall seeing topics roll of the front page in under a minute. Now, You can see two minutes worth of conversation on the front page. That's still a super fast moving forum, but it's about three times slower than what it was.

2. After visiting a few topics in SF, I was stunned to see the 180 degree change there. When I left, everyone was complaining about the economy, gold generators, lousy events, the removal of zOMG!, announcement spam, and bad managements of the site itself. Tonight, I saw where someone would start a thread about one (or most) of those topics, only to be slammed by several people who were actually defending Gaia corporate. Ummmm...WTF? The only thing I can figure is:

a) A whole bunch of people got sick of this s**t and left, leaving only the people who are dumb enough to drink Gaia's Kool-Aid.

b) People just got sick of complaining and stopped bothering with the SF because they were just being ignored anyway.

c) People have simply adapted or they came in recently enough that they don't know any better.

Whatever the reason, s**t sure has changed in the SF.

3. The third thing I noticed is that the majority of those currently on the site don't care for Lake Kindred. And you can count me as one of them. Now I was never a Pokemon fan, nor am I a fan of turn-based games, so I pretty much figured that Kindred would have to be pretty spectacular to win me over, but I gave it an open-minded shot anyway. Needless to say, I hated it. After fifteen minuted of battling the same little winged frogs, in the exact same way each time, I got so bored I scheduled a root canal. The only question I have now is: How long before Gaia stops supporting it, or simply comes up with some bullshit excuse to pull the game altogether?

Another thing that struck me is the overwhelming number of people who have swallowed the bullshit story about zOMG! being pulled over a 'security flaw' they somehow 'discovered' in the code that they didn't even know how to read. Are people really this gullible?

I also spent some time in Towns and Towns 2 and the one thing I immediately noticed is that there's so few people in those places now. I can remember going into certain rooms in Towns and they were packed pixelated a** to pixelated a**. Towns 2 wasn't much better on certain days at certain times. This week I noticed the same few dozen people in there night after night, with a few who would pop in and right back out again.

Sugarcoat this s**t any way you want, but the truth is, Gaia is dying, and unless it gets new management soon, it'll be just another dead site on the internet. Which is sad, considering what it once was.

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