One of the reasons youand many othersdont have your alarm on during the day is because you know youll keep forgetting to turn it off every time you want to step into the garage or go outside. So you just keep it off. And thats not smart because many home invasions and burglaries occur during daylight hours.

Typically, home security systems require you to push buttons.

What if you panic and forget the code?What if you accidentally disable it?What if your naughty visiting nephew messes with it?

Its high time for the kind of home security system youve seen on The Jetsonsone thats activated automatically when you leave your home.

Say so long to those unsightly wall keypads where you might accidentally hit the wrong button.Kiss goodbye to having to remember numerical codes, worrying if your elderly parent will remember it and worrying if a burglar could crack it.By detecting the Bluetooth signal from your phone, Angee will automatically arm when you leave, and disarm when you arrive home.As a backup method of identification should you lose your phone, or the battery run out, you can support to start serial production and make the future of smart home security reality:

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Angee. Learn more about Angee in this Video. See Disclosures.