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[General Information]

Name: Hallam Knight & Hallam-Ko
Nicknames: Hal, Knight, Sir or Ko
Titles: Superboy, Superman Jr, Superman II, The Boy Who Shattered Reality and The Boy Who Lived Two Lives
Age: Permanently 19 due to the means of his existence.
Birthday: 12th June
Star Sign: Gemini
Gender: Male
Race: Kryptonian/ Human Hybrid
Moral Alignment: Good

[Personal Information]

Occupation: Former Kryptonian Soldier & Former British Soldier, you could argue that he is an official "Guinea Pig" for S.T.A.R Labs' Central City Branch.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Likes: Hallam lives life to the full and loves life in general. His favourite pass times however, are drinking, dancing, and flirting with women. He is also quite the sportsman.
Dreams: Having seen his own two lives come to an end, how those two lives should have played out and then the destruction of two different worlds due to his absence Hallam is not very future minded. Instead, Hallam focuses on the here and now as he believes it should be.
Dislikes: Hallam in reality dislikes the way the world is. He hates the unfairness of it all and is actually quite the social hero; making a name for himself by taking out street level crime and fighting for the rights of others who seem to have none. He is also somewhat conflicted by his existence as he is aware of the massive price that his presence in Void Earth asked of the Universe.
Fears: Hallam's fear is failure. Having failed in his destiny to save two worlds already, Hallam can become somewhat hysterical when forced towards the path of failure.
Darkest Secret: Hallam's darkest secret is the fact he not only knows what happened to his former worlds but that he understands it and feels an insurmountable amount of guilt and responsibility towards their destruction.
Favourite Food: Hallam is very conflicted about what his favourite food is thanks to him being able to remember two whole lifetimes worth of very different foods.
Favourite Drink: Hallam really does like beer. Even with all the confusion of having two different planets worth to choose from, Hallam knows what his favourite drink is. He'll take a cold Budweiser any day of the week.
Least Favourite Food: An easier to pick category than which is his favourite, Hallam has a deep seated hatred for Sweet Potato.
Least Favourite Drink: Hallam is not a fan of coffee. He'd rather take traditional tea with milk and sugar.
Loyalties: Hallam is loyal to Justice and others who serve it. He is also a hero of the people and tries his hardest to make sure he is seen in a positive light.
Intelligence Level: Due to his unique physiology and brain, Hallam is able to store and process mass amounts of information. It is almost impossible to map out the intelligence he possesses.
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
Strengths: Hallam's strengths play from two aspects of his character: the first strength is his discipline that he acquired as a soldier. It helps him remained calm and focused on the mission at hand rather than panic like many others would do in a firefight. The second part is his strong morale compass. It is very hard to manipulate Hallam without some sort of power to do so because he knows very well what is right and wrong for the people around him.
Weaknesses: Weakness wise it could be said that Hallam has no "real" weaknesses but that wouldn;t be true at all. Hallam's biggest weakness is the massive amounts of guilt that he feels towards his former two lives ending and the ending of his worlds because of that. If anyone is able to find out Hallam's weakness, they are at a great advantage because reminding him of that guilt can completely shatter him.

Cherished Items:
All of Hallam's cherished items are remnants of the lives that he has left behind and he is willing to die to preserve the memories of the Worlds that died so that he might exist now. He has one of each set of his Dog Tags (the other presumably taken to identify he was missing) and his Kryptonian War Armour with the House of Ko symbol on it.

Philosophical/ Social Viewpoint:
Having lived two lives and lived amongst two very different societies in Krypton and Earth, you would think that Hallam's social and philosophical viewpoints would be slightly unaligned. That maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't be able to decide how he wanted to view the world through this new and fractured existence.

Well, you'd be wrong.

Hallam thinks like a soldier. He thinks and believes that fighting the good fight is worth every bit of blood, sweat and whatever else you want to give in order to do the right thing. As such, he believes that everyone should fight for the right thing even when it is hard and that if you are not part of the solution then you are very much part of the problem.

Religious Viewpoint:
Religion is a tough one. With the church of Rao being such an integral part of Kryptonian society but in his other life being raised as a Church of England Christian, Hallam is somewhat conflicted on the religion front. Even though his circumstances make him very much aware that there is some sort of guiding presence out there; he is unable to determine which one it is.

Romantic Viewpoint:
Romantically, Hallam is a hurricane. Coming in and sweeping girls off their feet into bed and then disappearing as quickly as he came (teehee); whilst in the aftermath he leaves nothing but broken hearts and broken releationships. He is a tempest, a tease, a once in a life time but never a happily ever after. Why? Simple really, Hallam believes he doesn't deserve it after seeing two worlds destroyed thanks to him. Hallam thinks he will ruin whatever he keeps hold of for two long and this includes people.

Hallam should by all rights suffer from some sort of demented MPD thanks to him being the amalgamation of two different Hallams from two different Earths. But that isn't the case. The two Hallams that were chosen to form the Hallam of Void Earth were pretty much the same person just from two different Worlds. It seemed as though the Universe had a plan when bringing these two together with one having the knowledge of knowing what it was like to be human and therefore vulnerable and the other having the ability to defend humanity.

In terms of actual traits (rather than circumstance) Hallam is a typical soldier. Disciplined and with a heavy sense of duty to defend those who can't defend themselves/ do the right thing; Hallam thinks that it is his job to take the bullets so that other innocent people don't have to. However, him being a soldier doesn't mean that he doesn't know how to have fun. He's a typical British squaddie who knows how to woo the ladies and spend his down time, Hallam can reek charm and charisma as well as be an efficient and deadly fighter.

The being known as Hallam's story is somewhat difficult to map out and chronicle; this is because he is the combination of two different "Hallams" from two very different realities. What's more is that Hallam was allowed to live and see both of these lives in their entirety before his timeline was altered and his two selves were snatched away at key points within his history condemning both of his worlds. He remembers both lives in full and their subsequent destruction; something some people count as a blessing.

The first Hallam was Hallam-Ko, a Kryptonian born in a reality where Krypton was never destined to die but instead thrive and become a pillar of the intergalactic community. He was born to loving parents and being of the House of Ko expected to go into Politics. He met Kara Zor-El during his time at the Academy and eventually the two of them would become thick friends, always together and knowing everything there was to know about each other.

Sadly though, Krypton's fate had not been avoided. In fact it had been given to another one of their planetary neighbors: Daxam. However, the Daxamites did not resign themselves to their fate and before their planet imploded on itself took to the stars in order to find a new home. Stranded and desperate, the Daxamites soon began to invade other neighboring planets; Krypton unable to stand by and watch the atrocities that were ongoing in the Rao system rallied together with the rest of the under siege planets and began a counter offensive to push the Daxamites back.

During this time Hallam and Kara had already joined the Military and were hand picked by General Zod to serve in "The Phantoms", a special forces group that would either capture and hold or destroy key objectives and persons ahead of the main front line. Hallam respected Zod greatly and Zod's genius had pretty much won Krypton the war. The Daxamites were on the back foot and retreating but they were once again desperate. The Daxamites resorted to trying to coax one of The Phantoms, Faora Hu-Ul, to defect and were successful. In exchange for dominion and the safety of her planet against a fake doomsday device, Faora would assassinate Zod. It was on Dheron, Daxam's last gambit that would have them on Krypton's doorstep, that Faora would spring her plan into action. However, she did not count on Hallam coming back from patrol when he did and he stopped her from plunging a knife in Zod's back. Disarming her and detaining her, Hallam had saved Zod's life and won the War for Krypton.

After Faora's failure, the War simply became a rolling back of the Daxamite forces. Their withdrawal revealed some of the atrocities that they had committed in their Xenophobia but eventually, they were detained and every single Daxamite whether they were man, woman or child was colonized onto Reservation, a small harsh planet that in time could be great. A mercy afforded to them by Jor-El after Zod suggested that they should be sent to the Phantom Zone to stop such a tragedy happening again. Hallam, however, paid no mind to any of that. Discharged from the Army with honours, Hallam married Kara and the two of them had children. Hallam finally became a politician albeit in the United Rao Council that Krypton had set up with its neighbours and that would one day include the entire galaxy as the Kryptonian representative. He would live out the rest of his days happy and proud.

The second life Hallam led was that of Hallam Knight, a young British soldier serving during the Second Cold War. Born to loving parents once again but this time expected to get a University Education, Hallam ran off to join the Army as soon as he turned sixteen. Ambitious and talented it wasn't long before Hallam caught peoples' attention as a good soldier but also somewhat of a nuisance. A womanizer, a brawler and a prankster Hallam was known for getting into trouble but being so young and so gifted was too big an asset for the Army to lose. So, instead of punishing him they promoted him and this promotion saw him exported to the United States where General Sam Lane was busy raising a mixed UN Force. It was the Biritsh Army's hope that the challenge would help Hallam to thrive and it did... Sort of...

As a young man and a confident one to boot, Hallam stuck out like a sore thumb. c**k sure, his first ever interaction with his peers was an argument where a French soldier was harassing a young woman on the camp and Hallam told him to get lost. What he did not know was that this was Lois Lane, the General's Daughter. Having caught Lois' attention the two became friends and would cause trouble around camp when Hallam was not busy with drills or physical training. Hallam would often find himself in the Base's Lock-Up and General Lane would personally oversee any punishment he was given. The two grew to somewhat like each other and eventually, Hallam would sleep with Lois but afterwards both would regret it saying it "felt weird" and never really spoke of it again. Lois soon began dating one of the War Time News Team that had been attached to their base: Clark Kent.

Now Lois was no longer a distraction, Hallam became one of the highest performing soldiers in his regiment. General lane, impressed, then selected Hallam to join his UN covert ops team for OPERATION: GAMBIT. The UN's final plan to put an end to the Second Cold War. A team of Lane's men would infiltrate Russia through Finland and place a tactical nuclear bomb in Moscow to hold the main antagonist hostage. It seemed like a great plan and it was supposed to end the war. However, the enemy had a similar plan... The moment the two teams met would be cemented in history.... When OPERATION: GAMBIT met OPERATION: FINITE, the day became know as "The St. Petersburg Crisis".

Passing through St. Petersburg to get to Moscow, Hallam and his team in plain clothes spotted and made another team. Only this team was Russian. Quickly taking seats in a nearby cafe, GAMBIT waited for orders. The Russians did the same and soon, separated by no more than two lanes of traffic, two nuclear weapons sat in two unsuspecting cafes in central St.Petersburg. Both teams were too afraid to move, neither wanting to lose their nuke or cause the other team's to go off. They were at a stalemate and eventually both sides stood down and peace was called just like at the End of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Hallam returned to his American Base and found out that Lois was engaged. Hallam continued to work under General Lane whilst Lois moved to Smallville with Clark.

At Clark and Lois' wedding, Hallam met Clark's cousin Kara Kent and began to date her until they too eventually got married. They had children and lived in Smallville on the Kent Farm with Lois and Clark. Hallam was content even if he missed his home country...

These two lives were pretty significant in their World's survival and, unfortunately, to bring Hallam's Knight and Ko together meant taking him from these huge moments in his timeline even though he saw the rest of his life and changing the course of history forever. Hallam-Ko never stopped Faora Hu-Ul from assassinating Zod and Krypton lost the war because of it. Daxam became an Imperialistic Power that sought to eliminate any race that was not Daxamite from the Universe. Krypton was destroyed to prove a point and Kara Zor-El died trying to keep the dream of Zod alive. The Universe suffered because Hallam-Ko was not around to save it.

Hallam Knight's world suffered a Nuclear Holocaust. Not being around to spot the opposing nuclear device, OPERATIONS GAMBIT & FINITE both reached their respective targets of London and Moscow. Russia, believing that the UN was bluffing laid waste to London whilst the Moscow was wiped off the map not an hour later when the US launched the countermeasure. Bombs went up from almost every country in the world until all that was left was ash...

The next thing that the new Hallam remembered after seeing such grizzly images was being hit by a car in Central City. He had appeared out of nowhere in the path of incoming traffic but had not died. He had powers now and S.T.A.R Labs was sent out to retrieve him. Ever since then he has remained at S.T.A.R Labs in Central City trying to get to grips with his new reality.

[Relationship Information]

Alternate Dru-Zod | Kryptonian | Mentor, Commander
Far from the "Kneel Before Me" type Zod that many other worlds are used to; Dru-Zod from the world in which Hallam was a Kryptonian was actually an inspirational, well-loved and respected military leader. Never content unless leading from the front, Zod led his own unit called "The Phantoms" and Hallam was a part of that squad. Their function during the war was to attack high priority targets with a capture or kill mandate. Zod led the team of young men and women as a Fatherly figure and culminated the already talented bunch into the best fighters on Krypton. Hallam greatly admired Zod and was meant to save his life from the treacherous Faora Hu-Ul after she defected to the Daxamites. With Hallam removed from the timeline before he could stop Faora, Zod was assassinated and Krypton fell within days without his brilliant leadership.

Alternate Jor-El | Kryptonian | Acquaintance
Hallam only really knew Jor-El through his niece Kara Zor-El in the reality in which he was a Kryptonian. However, Hallam had great respect for the scientist nonetheless and this was only instilled further into him by General Zod's recommendation.

Alternate Kal-El | Kryptonian | Acquaintance
Kara Zor-El's younger cousin used to follow her around quite a bit as he got older. Hallam would often show him ways to annoy Kara, much to her chagrin.

Alternate General Same Lane | UN Army | Commanding Officer, Mentor
During the Second Cold War of Hallam's Human World, the US and UK formed a Coalition UN Armed Force with the likes of France, Germany, Canada and many other countries. General Sam Lane was reattached to a unit of these brave men and women and Hallam was a part of the British Contingent of his Regiment. The two would at first come into conflict because of old fashioned British and American rivalry but they would soon trust each other with their lives. Even after all the trouble Hallam would get into with Sam's Daughter Lois.

Alternate Lois Lane | Metropolis | Friends
Sam Lane's daughter and a constant civilian presence at the Base that Hallam was stationed at; Lois was a little bit of a rebel and a constant thorn in her Father's side. The same age as Hallam, the two would become good friends. It was long suspected that the two were a couple but Hallam denies it (they slept together once, that doesn't count!). Hallam would always look out for Lois like a brother and would even be one of the people who tested her future husband Clark Kent's (this one was Human) worth.

Daxamites | Daxam | Racial Hatred
Due to the Daxam/Krypton war that ravaged his version of reality and the atrocities that he saw the Daxamites commit towards other races; Hallam has a deep seated hatred for his planet's closest neighbors. Hallam saw two different timelines where Krypton won the war because he stopped the Assassination of General Zod and another where he did not and Daxam went on to conquer Krypton. Seeing what could have been only stokes the fires of Hallam's hatred more.

Clones | Krypton | Racial Hatred/ Instilled Fear
Hallam has the standard instilled fear of Clones that Krypton is famous for. Remembering Lessons in which he was taught about the Clone Wars, Hallam is naturally apprehensive about Clones and their existence.

Alternate Faora Hu-Ul | Kryptonian Defector/ Traitor | Enemies
It was sad to think that Faora and Hallam were once friends. A veteran of his unit, Faora once had Hallam's respect but after betraying Zod (and by extension the whole of Krypton) to the Daxamites for powers and glory Hallam was forced to stop Faora assassinating Zod. He killed her in one timeline but in the timeline Hallam was removed from she succeeded. She became the Viceroy of Krypton and slayed Kryptonians by the millions, including Kara Zor-El. Having seen the horrors Faora inflicted, Hallam cannot forgive a Faora in any reality.

S.T.A.R Labs | Central City | Enemy
Arriving in this reality around the same time the Heroes disappeared, Hallam appeared in the middle of Central City and in his confusion accidentally got hit by a car... which didn't end well for the car. S.T.A.R Labs were deployed to the scene to capture Hallam. However, Hallam surrendered and he has been at S.T.A.R Labs since learning to control his powers/ being studied.

Hallam recently escaped from S.T.A.R with Elle Summers and is angry at them for poking and prodding him and her. He is aware of their darker intentions and is trying to unmask them publically.

Zor-El | Kryptonian | Future Father-in-Law
Kara Zor-El's Father and the person who would have become his Father-in-Law, Zor-El and Hallam actually had quite an uneasy relationship. Apparently it would improve, as is shown in his marriage to Kara but Zor always blamed Hallam for Kara joining the Army.

Both Sets of Parents | Kryptonian & Human | Mothers & Fathers
No matter the life, Hallam's parents were always diplomats or teachers or philosophers. In his Human life his parents were University Lecturers who really wanted Hallam to get a college education. In his Kryptonian life, his parents were politicians and, as a member of the House of Ko, Hallam too was expected to enter the world of politics. However, in both realities Hallam diverged from the path set before him by his parents and joined the Armed Forces. It was at first tense but Hallam still respected and loved his parents despite their disapproval.

After a while, Hallam's parents in both realities would come around. His Kryptonian parents would even help him with his wedding to Kara Zor-El.

Romantic Relationships:
Alternate Kara Zor-El | Kryptonian | Best Friend, Squad Mate, Girlfriend, Future Wife
Kara Zor-El was the love of Hallam's life in his Kryptonian life and seems to still be in his newest incarnation. The Kara Zor-El of his Kryptonian life and him had a complicated relationship; they were in the same year group at the Academy and the two of them were fiercely competitive. To the outside world it looked like the two of them hated each other but deep down they respected one and other. Eventually, the two became thick friends and would cause trouble all around Kandorr; they kept getting closer and closer as they grew older until Hallam was pretty much a member of the family. It would take a long time for him to admit his feelings for her even after they registered for the Army together. It wasn't until Hallam saved Zod and the rest of his squad from Faora that he finally bit the bullet.

Hallam would admit that he loved Kara when they returned home and the two would soon get married after they were discharged from the Army at the end of the Krypton/Daxam war. They would both live happily for a very long time and Hallam (the Hallam of this world) is very bitter he did not get to live this life.

Alternate Kara Kent/Knight | Human Civilian | Girlfriend, Future Wife
Clark Kent's older cousin, Kara was married and widowed at a young age as her husband died in a car accident on his way home from work. Hallam met Kara at Clark and Lois' wedding and asked if she would like to dance. The two hit it off quite quickly and Hallam, unable to stop thinking about her afterwards, drove all the way down to Kansas to ask her on a date. Even though she declined out of a sense of duty to her husband, Lois eventually convinced Kara to give Hallam a shot and it took off from there. Kara and Hallam got married and had children. They continued to live in Smallville on the Kent Farm despite Hallam yearning for England.

[Weapon Information]

Kryptonian War Armour (House of Ko): Kryptonian War Armour is worn as both an honour and a practical form of protection by Kryptonians whether they are in and out of battle. Superman's Blue and Red suit was Kryptonian War Armour and Hallam's is quite similar save for the garish colour scheme and cape. Hallam's Armour is strong, flexible and can self regenerate after being damaged much like Superman's. However, his family Crest, the House of Ko's, is the centerpiece of this blue and black ensemble. The War Armour also helps contain Hallam's psionic powers and focus them, an unintended but convenient side effect. Hallam's armour can also compact itself into a Ko Family Shield making it able to hide away under his clothing.

Kryptonian Clothing like its owners absorb solar radiation to become nigh indestructible except for when exposed to Kryptonite, Red Sun Radiation and Magical Energies just like its wearers. Hallam's War Armour functions much in the same way and requires someone of similar power levels to himself to break it or tear it. It is especially well adapted to deal with blunt force trauma and ballistic fire due to its war time applications but does have minor weaknesses to bladed damage when coming up against stronger alloys in the hands of Superhumans (E.g: Nth Metal and Promethium).

One British Circular Dog Tag: A memento from Hallam's past life as a British Soldier, this non-reflective stainless steel disc has all of Hallam's "Big 6" Data on it: Blood Group, Service Number, Last Name, Initials, Male and the 6th is left blank because Hallam was not in the RAF. Hallam uses this tag as a reminder of his past life and all he has lost.

One Hexagonal Kryptonian Dog Tag: Hallam's Kryptonian Dog Tag is somewhat different from his British one. Hexagonal in shape with very few runes on it, the only discernible thing on the tag's surface is the House of Ko Crest. Kryptonian Dog Tags were scanned for data that was stored inside them and therefore did not need much information on them besides a soldier's name and house. Hallam uses this tag as a reminder of his past life and all he has lost.

Kryptonian Wedding Ring: Hallam's Kryptonian Wedding Ring was still on his finger when he arrived in Void Earth. He is not quite sure what happened to his Human Wedding Band. A Kryptonian Wedding Ring is made up of two parts; one with the Husband's Family Crest on and the other with the Wife's Family Crest. In this case it was the Ko and El shields. The two shields tessellate and the ring binds itself together to form a single solid band with the shields stuck together. The Kryptonian Runes for Unity and Love also appear on the band next to the respective spouse's shield.

[Ability Information]

• [ Dual Heritage Human/ Kryptonian Physiology ]: Unlike Superboy, Hallam is not a hybrid clone of a Kryptonian and a Human but a temporally fused being thanks to the Legacy Initiative bringing a Human and Kryptonian version of himself together in order to make the perfect blend. Fate needed someone who not only knew what it was to be Human but had a means to defend it. As such under the effects of a "yellow" sun, Hallam possesses the half-potential powers as an average Kryptonian. These include:
        Superhuman Strength: Under his own power without the use of a telekinetic field, Conner can lift a few tons of weight.
        Invulnerability: Even without the application of his telekinesis, Superboy can resist most forms of physical trauma on his own.
        Accelerated Healing: Superboy have a ability to heal himself (from the wounds or diseases of others or themselves).
        Self-Sustenance: Superboy can live and speak in vacuum of space just fine even though that he had difficulties to breath in space when he was in first time touch with it.

• [ Telekinesis ]: Like Superboy, Hallam has full telekinetic powers; he's used it to levitate and repel objects and people, create force fields and shoot telekinetic blasts.
        Tactikinesis: Superboy's body is completely surrounded by an invisible field of telekinetic energy, protecting him from harm and enhancing his physical abilities. This can also be used to manipulate objects that are on the same surface as the user (such as the ground) or to fly by pushing his own body through the air (this usually requires effort though).
        Superhuman Strength: Superboy uses a telekinetic field to lift a heavy objects.
        Simulated Heat Vision: Superboy by vibrating molecules within his line of sight Superboy can set things ablaze through the application of extreme heat.
        Simulated Invulnerability: Superboy uses his telekinetic ability to create invisible force field around hsi own body.
        Enhanced Senses: Superboy have ability to perceive the world in greater detail than the five sense the average human possesses. This includes augmented or superior versions of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste as well as "extra" senses.
        Flight: Superboy uses his telekinetic ability to simulate flying.

• [ Limited Telepathic Ability ]: Hallam, like Superboy, also has limited telepathic capabilities. These abilities usually involve the perception and observation of psychic phenomena and psionic energy but does not allow for the manipulation of such. This may not sound very useful but is as it renders Hallam unable to control people telepathically.
        Telepathic Communication: Hallam can telepathically converse with others thanks to his mental abilities. He can also be used as a hub for other people to talk through. Although this ability does not require physical touch it can become strenuous the further apart the conversing parties are.
        Empathy: Hallam can feel and perceive the emotions of people around him on command. It can be useful to find people or to tell when people are lying. Hallam cannot manipulate the emotional state of others though like some Empaths.
        Tactile Retrocognition: Through contact, Hallam can search and see the memories of others or experience them almost as if they were his own. Useful for finding out information. Hallam cannot manipulate the memories of others.
        Psychometry: The user obtains historical memories or sensations concerning beings and objects they can observe by their senses. With objects they gain the knowledge including the makers, users, and even those who have on passing used the object, and what has been done with it. With living beings or parts of the body the user learns their general life-history, but doesn't gain anything of what they were thinking or feeling.
        Tactile Language Absorption: A specific type of Psychometry, Hallam can learn different languages by touching their speakers. This does not have to be via a kiss but Hallam is not adverse to such a method.
        Telepathic Resistance: Thanks to his own telepathic powers, Hallam has some telepathic resistance. However, it is also down to the skill and power of the opposing telepath as to how long Hallam can hold out against them. If a powerful telepath attacks Hallam, it will be up to his own wits to try and stop them as well.

[Skill Information]

* = Some Skills will have the tag "(Compounded)" next to them this signifies that Hallam has acquired a heightened level in these particular skills because they were present in both of his lives; thus adding the experience and ability from both in each together.

• [ Newly Acquired Intellectual Ability ]: Hallam's new intelligence levels are almost unfathomable and his capacity to learn has been boosted tremendously. However, along with the vast power of his brain there is also the experience from both of his lives which adds to this and threatens to make him one of the greatest intellects on the Planet.
• [ Hand-to-Hand Combat (Compounded) ]: CQC Combat is key training in most Armed Forces and Hallam was trained extensively in CQC by multiple instructors over multiple wars. Using what he learned Hallam is easily able to deal with Hand-to-Hand challenges even without his powers.
• [ Weapons Handling (Compounded) ]: Hallam has been trained to handle both Human and Kryptonian firearms. He can easily pick up a weapon and figure out how it works even without his special abilities.
• [ Marksmanship (Compounded) ]: As a soldier, Hallam spent ages learning how to shoot with precision, control and accuracy. But unlike most soldiers he was trained to do it twice. So, Hallam is a great threat both physically and at range.
• [ Indomitable Will ]: Indomitable Will is a capacity to control one's emotions and impulses. Also, anyone with an Indomitable Will is capable of overcoming fear and resisting mind control. Having an Indomitable Will is an important trait to be chosen for the Green Lantern Corps. Hallam's willpower comes from his Military Training and his experience with Kryptonian meditation.

[Weakness Information]

• [ Blinding/ Unawareness/ Sensory Overload/ Lapses in Concentration ]: In order to use his Telekinetic Powers, even his tactile ones, Hallam must be fully aware and able to see what it is he is doing. As such, blinding him, taking him unawares or overloading his senses (including his new one and extra ones) will create openings for you to exploit due to an inability to focus on or see what is coming.
• [ Magic ]: Hallam's Kryptonian physiology is rendered inert against Magic much like Superman's. As such, he will will only have his telekinesis to rely on in fights with magic users.
• [ Stronger Telepaths/ Telekinetics ]: Stronger, more experienced telepaths and telekinetics can be troublesome for Hallam.
• [ Memories of Past Lives ]: Even though Hallam has some telepathic resistance, he has led two lives and, naturally, that means he cannot defend everything inside his head. As a result, strong telepaths who are able to get a hold of Hallam's memories could possibly use them to disorientate or demoralize him. The emotions attached to some of the memories Hallam has aren't all that positive and can effect him greatly.
• [ Mementos from Past Lives ]: Hallam's mementos from his past lives are very important to him. He will not allow them to be taken or destroyed under any circumstances and will fight tooth and nail to protect/ retrieve them. However, they may also be used against him as bargaining chips due to his attachment to them.
• [ General Zod ]: In his Kryptonian life, Hallam knew Zod and Zod was a great man. He singularly won the Krypton/Daxam War for Krypton and was a hero who cherished life above all else. This is far from the Zod of the Earth he currently inhabits and the whirlwind of emotions seeing that Zod brings about in him is incomprehensible. Hallam cannot understand how any Zod could become so warped and because of this will actively avoid Zod or when forced to engage be somewhat demoralized.
• [ Kara Zor-El]: Kara Zor-El, the Metahuman known as Supergirl on our world, was the love of Hallam's Kryptonian life. The two of them were supposed to get married but... due to the circumstances of Hallam's existence that did AND did not happen. Hallam remembers the wedding that should have been, the years the two of them shared but due to the point in the timeline he was removed it never actually happened. That said, his love for her follows him into this body and he will become very emotional at the very memory or reminder of her. This may include physical similarities of others or even the symbol for the House of El.
• [ Tactile Powers ]: A lot of Hallam's powers are tactile and require physical contact for them to work.
• [ Gen-Actives ]: Gen-Actives (people whom have been treated with Gen-Factor to give them powers) are able to resist Hallam's telekinetic powers.
• [ Negative Public Image ]: Hallam's public image is pretty negative. Not only is he pretty militaristic in his tactics (getting the job done no matter what as long as it doesn't cross a line where innocent people start getting hurt) but his arrival in Void Earth was quite controversial. Appearing in the center of Central City in a flash of light and a swirl of energy, Hallam was disorientated and walked out into the middle of the road. Naturally, a car hit Hallam head on but Hallam's new powers seemed to manifest themselves and it didn't end too well for the car and the driver was hospitalized. S.T.A.R were then sent to retrieve Hallam and they did and even though he surrendered it did nothing to help his profile. Even working with S.T.A.R Labs is not working.
• [ Fear of Failure ]: Hallam takes the destruction of his previous worlds personally as it was his absence that led to the cataclysms that ravaged them. He sees his inability to hold off the process that made him until he could save his worlds as a failure on his part and because of it has developed an almost hysterical response to failure. He hates it. Fears it. And will do anything to avoid it.