Touching a corpse is said to prevent the spirit of the dead from following you. Touching their forehead is said to prevent dreams of them.

Counting the cars in a funeral procession is the same as counting the years until yourself are dead. If the procession gets stopped another death will follow.

Burying a person who has been murdered face down prevents the murdering from leaving the area. Burying the liver separately is said to ensure that the murderer is caught near where the liver is buried.

Rain and thunder after a funeral means the person has gone to heaven.

If a woman is buried in black she will come back to haunt the family.

Funerals should not occur on Friday or another death will occur within the year.Funerals on Sunday and New Years are said to bring bad luck.

To have an odd number of mourners at a funeral means one of them will die.

Seeing a white chicken on the way to a funeral brings bad luck. Seeing sheep on the way means unexpected consolation.

The longer you delay a funeral the more likely someone else will die.