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Otto Punzone
The Pint Sized Pugilist

[]| P E R S O N A LxxI N F O R M A T I O N
Name: Otto Punzone
Age: 19
Height: 5 ft 8 inches
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Lightly Tanned
Race: Human
Personal Weakness: Although disciplined and diligent by nature, Otto does have a competitive and reckless streak in him that comes out when he is faced with great adversity. Many believe this to come from a complex to do with his height (and, to be fair, they could be right) but Otto insists that it comes from his want to be the best even if it means putting his body on the line.
Personal Strengths: As a tactician, Otto is quite impressive and goes beyond the normal Martial Artist troupe of "punch first, ask questions later". Thanks to his uncanny ability to read the world around him in detail and make deductions based on those details, Otto has shown the ability to use not only his environment or the best moves against his opponents but also the opponent themselves. His observational skills and memory make for a deadly combination, so much so that he has been known to be able to mimic techniques used against him.
Personality: Otto is the kind of guy for whom it is enough to watch others having a good time - a silent guardian and diligent friend - but unlike those others is highly dedicated and somewhat obsessed with his craft. Otto is willing to put himself through hell or high water in order to become a master of martial arts and magic and he trains every single day without fail to meet his own lofty expectations. He can be super critical of himself and will punish himself should he mess up anything from an exercise to a job.
Likes: Otto is a huge fan of protein rich foods, he knows that he needs to eat them in order to maintain his physique and as such will always order the most protein efficient meal at any establishment. He also really likes exercising and doing gym work. You can also catch Otto reading Fitness and Martial Arts magazines.
Dislikes: Otto doesn't like taking the easy way out or shirking. He will often punish himself for "cheating" even when it is seemingly the only way to accomplish a task. He also does not like people who would ruin other people's experiences. If you are mean in front of Otto... No matter what rank you are... be prepared for fight.

[]| G U I L DxxI N F O R M A T I O N
Guild: Fairy Tail
Rank: Mage
Guild Mark Location: Ankle
Mark Color: Black
Guild Bonus:
• FAME Boost: Members of this guild will receive an extra 50 FAME per job and only per jobs they do.
• Fairy Pride: When their HP reaches half, members of this guild receive a boost in magic by 1. Spells rank increase by 1 when their health reaches 50%. If potions are used, this perk is negated until it reaches under 50% again

[]| S T A T S
Hit Points: 500
Eternano Pool: 800 Find Here
FAME: 200***
User Image 200,000***

Unarmed Damage Level: Starter Level
Light: 20 Damage
Medium: 40 Damage
Heavy: 60 Damage

[]| MA G I CxxI N F O R M A T I O N
Magic Slots: 00 / 11***
Primary Magic: Ki
Magic Attacks: Custom Spells

[]| S P E L L S
Ki Based ~ Stance Shift
Spell Name:

Spell Name:

Spell Name:

Spell Name:

[]| I T E M S
Magical Items: 0
Magical Weapons: 0
Magical Clothing: 0

[]| C E L E S T I A LxxA C H I E V E M E N T S
Celestial Achievement Points: 0
Celestial Achievement Rewards: 0

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