LE5920 - Every type of gun is briefly discussed below for reader's review:


Pistols will be the most frequent form of hand gun and actually hand gun can often be known as a Pistol by most people. In cases much like the FBI Uniform Crime Report System, the term €Pistol€ means a €semi-automatic€ hand gun and is also be known as automatic even when it isn't automatic sometimes.

However, a machine Pistol can be a 100 percent automatic handgun, in fact it is one that we have seen commonly within the movies and action series.

Automatic and semiautomatic handguns are generally packed with cartridges with the aid of magazines which are inserted into the handle of the gun. These magazines can hold a big amount of cartridges nevertheless the ones which cater the needs of a handgun have got their limits ranging from five to 19 cartridges.

Machine Pistols