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We can 2 way communications learn a lot from professional and college sports. In both cases the objective is to develop a winning team that will achieve the ultimate goal of a national or world championship. When I have a favorite team, it makes the games more fun to watch. I love it when the stronger team loses and the more spirited team takes advantage of opportunities that develop. There could be a bad call, a fumbled opportunity or a lucky break that shifts momentum in the game.

How will social media affect advertising, public relations, marketing, and sales? My guess is that broadcast, intrusive advertising as we know it today, will not survive. For some products (not many) it will continue in some form. Social media adds a new component to the "marketing" mix. By doing so, traditional marketing efforts must adapt. Time will show us how and who identify features of two way communication will survive.

I thought it was a great idea to create a 2 way communication book this way. When baby gets big enough, you can share all of your stories easily with him or her. It can also be a good way to keep family and friends that live far away up to date on your children's activities. If, that is, you don't want to use it as a place to just get things off of your chest.

Both Apple and RIM are trying to reach beyond their usual demographic market which is only natural in this economy. The iPhone is a clever leisure gadget trying to make its way into the corporate world. The BB Storm comes from a no nonsense family of reliable corporate communications where it has cornered the market. Both have great features with minor drawbacks, however, its only a matter of time before both phones evolve to where the technical comparison is near comparable.

There will be no shine on the apple for you or your child if you whine and demand special treatment for your child. Think techniques of communication the example you are setting for your child, by the way. He/she will be the same adult who expects to do minimal work for top pay, or special treatment just because he/she exists- resented by all.