Each year, motivated and inspired entrepreneurs make investments in budding industries and companies. Investing in small businesses and new industries is essential to keep the economy moving and to solve the problems that will be of central concern for future generations. Who are these investors and what are their motivations? Everyone is a potential investor and can make smart decisions that can give them valuable returns. Whether investors are gaining diversity in their retirement portfolio or are looking to become venture capitalists, they are often successful when they make informed decisions about where to take their money based on solid research and whisperings about where the next big industries are going to be. Researching about new markets can be difficult, but there are many tools and sites like Impact Alpha to give you up-to-date information on some of the most promising investment areas.

Alternative Energy

This is an area that people have talked about for decades, but that is finally taking off and seeing exponential growth. Solar power for homes and businesses has begun to become popular in part because of the tax breaks and incentives offered by the government. Many small businesses have begun to crop up that take on the challenge of making solar intuitive and affordable. These tech start-ups are making progress at creating products that will qualify for government grants to produce or that can help form the basis of businesses eligible for tax breaks. Look at this area if you are interested in technology investments.

Sustainable Timber

The world is not as full of forests as it used to be. Unsustainable deforestation has become one of the most pressing issues of our time. When forests are felled, there are less plants to create CO2 into oxygen. Forests are also home to numerous species that have their own place in ecosystems and provide stability to the whole area. Without these animals and trees, our building construction terms world becomes more unpredictable and unstable. One area that is growing for investors is sustainable forests that can be used to create paper products without the negative side effects. The goal is to sustainably manage forests in ways that benefit the communities around them and does environmental good. Forest investment can be expensive and require up-front costs, but fundraising can give substantial returns. Make sure to research this up-and-coming investment market.

Building Low-Income Communities

There are many small businesses that are working with low-income communities for their mutual benefit. Several start-ups help families get their kids in kindergarten and give them services that will enhance the education opportunities given to these children. The organizations that provide these services are non-profit and use grants and philanthropic funding. However, there are many different models. One example is Acelero Learning, based in Harlem. This company disrupted the non-profit status quo because it operates with a for-profit model. This model attracts private venture capital and greatly increases the amount of money ready to spend on up-front costs. In the long run, this model could outperform the non-profit.

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Sustainable Fishing

The overall amount of fresh- and saltwater fish species and total animals have been negatively affected by over-fishing. Because the catch has started to dwindle, even as global demand for fish and shellfish continues to steadily increase, there is much space for people to find a way to create better sustainable fishing methods. Because people will always love salmon and many other types of fish, this is bound to be a growth area in the future. You can find information about the different types of fish food and farms that are currently being created on sites like Impact Alpha and by investigating companies looking for investors in this area.

By: Jordan Rocksmith

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