mathematical pattern in signals from space - Long ago and far away, a duo of dancing supermassive black holes look like spiraling in towards one another, eventually doomed to collide in a stupendous, almost unimaginable, cosmic smash-up. Dancing at night, the strange pair will merge merely a million years from now, liberating energy equivalent to 100 million supernova blasts, where massive stars perish. If not all, large galaxies in the Universe--including our own Milky Way--contain supermassive black holes with masses equivalent to millions, or even billions, of Suns, and these objects of incredible darkness and their host galaxies appear to evolve together, or "co-evolve", the dark-hearts of most. Theory predicts that as galaxies collide and ultimately merge, growing a lot more massive consequently, so too do their hearts of darkness. Within the January 7, 2015 issue in the journal Nature, a team of astronomers report on the weird repeating light signal from the distant quasar they say is probably the consequence of a duo of dancing supermassive black holes within the last act of a merger--something that is predicted from theory but which includes never been seen before! A quasar is an extremely brilliant, luminous object that out-dazzles all the stars in its host galaxy combined, and is also visible from throughout the entire Universe!