Wow, that was the most poeticly emo thing I've written in quite a while.
Its amazing how whenever you become emotional, poetic words and lyrics just seem to flow from your soul. Maybe that is why I used to be such a great writer when I was younger? I hadn't felt any real depression or sadness for almost a year, as I was actually happy.
Its almost pathetic how we take things for granted; people most of all. My boyfriend has been by my side for so long, that when he actually isn't, I start to freak out. I mean, its been almost a week since I've seen or spoken to him and I'm about to go insane. He's been working for quite a bit lately and hasn't had time to come see me, but even so he hadn't bothered to call me for a while. I finally heard from him today, and found out that a tree fell on his car and it isn't drivable for a while. So who knows when the next time will be when I see his face, or hold him close, inhailing his scent, kissing him. God I really miss him. Its even worse when I realize how much I've taken his presence for granted and just wrote it off as a regular thing to see him. I feel so selfish, and though I don't really deserve to see him, I want to so badly.
I love you baby.