Auto clave - With all the launch of the iPhone 4 around the Verizon network consumers have been making the switch despite former reports on lackluster sales. Estimated at one million sales within the first week alone, Verizon looks to get made the right moves with their pre-order launch. Many Verizon network users had the ability to order their phones early thereby avoiding the typical new Apple release long lines. Some say the absence of long lines in the Verizon store what somewhat disappointing but analysts say that the numbers indicate that around 38 percent of iPhone purchasers visited their pre-order page hoping avoiding the hassle. Other analysts have suggested that lots of users are awaiting the much anticipated iPhone 5 release that is due out later this coming year.

What can new iPhone users expect with all the Verizon network iPhone 4? Some slight modifications happen to be designed to the casing inside the new Verizon version from the iPhone 4. This probably continues to be done to rectify the prior antenna issue that this AT&T model was having at its inception. Internal differences can also be seen in a side by side comparison where there have been some changes to the layout in order to rectify the antenna issue. What this means for users is not really clear yet although early reports usually are not mentioning any kinds of antenna or reception difficulties with the Verizon mode.