For many, modern marketing techniques are the best way to promote a business today. But youll be surprised to know that among the most effective and powerful marketing tools today are those that have been in used for a long time now. These are the traditional and time tested digital communication tools that promote businesses the old fashioned way. Among them are the business cards.

The Pacemaker is considered the world's first digital two way radio music player that allows you to mix two songs together live. This gives the user the ability to do the same exact thing that DJs do with a pair of turntables. What we have here is a somewhat bulky digital music player that has a 120-gigabyte hard drive that is capable of storing up to 30,000 songs. In order to browse through these songs, you simply move your finger around a circular touchpad. The touchpad is very similar to the touchpads that you can currently find in any of the iPod's that are on the market today.

Flights are done aboard EcoStar 130 helicopters. These "birds" are specifically designed for sightseeing, featuring comfortable stadium-style seating, climate-controlled cabins, and 180-degree wraparound windshields that deliver unobstructed views. Each chopper is equipped with two-way digital communications systems that let you talk with your pilot-guide and fellow passengers. Pre-recorded taped narrations are available in multiple languages for foreign guests.

A modeling amp is also known as a digital amp. These amps use digital technology to simulate the sounds of the older amps that are harder to find. The modeling amp uses software that allows it to "model" sounds of other amps, and this lets different sounds to fit into one box.

There are also other factors you should look out for when you do eventually download music online. You have to make sure that that files are compatible with your MP3 player or media player, the music genre, software provided free of charge, a user-friendly interface and whether the environment is safe and secured for downloading.