Diabetes Destroyer - When looking at Americans from the outside inwards, you may notice we are a very odd set in the way we go about things. For instance the New England area is fast paced while the Southern states are more laid back in their ways. You may also notice we fancy, as a country, the type two diabetes diet. I am not saying we go out of our way to induce or increase our chances of getting type two diabetes, it seems as if we simply push it to the back of our minds. I am not sure that there is a specific type two diabetes diet, but leave it to us to create one. We live off fast and processed foods and exercise, especially in the North East takes a backseat to an active work lifestyle. That is a very strong reason we should look into Gymnema as an additive to our diets. There has to be a case being made for Gymnema, and here I will point out a few of the stronger reasons.