Leader in Rugged Smartphones SNOPOW Australia Announces Release of flagship IP68 Rated M8-LTE 4G Smartphone and Smartwatch

Snopow Mobili Phones|Snopow Mobili Phones - The reality is there's just some situations a normal smartphone or smartwatch isn't made to handle. Leader in rugged smartphone technology SNOPOW Australia focus on devices that may meet perhaps the worst of such challenges. Recently, the organization announced the discharge of these flagship IP68 rated M8-LTE 4G Smartphone and IP68 rated W1S 3G Smartwatch to high anticipation.

September 17, 2015

For guys and women that actually work - or play - in hard, wet and rugged environments using a normal smartphone is simply not a good option. Smartphones in the big brands aren't designed to take that kind of abuse and definately will quickly accumulate damage that's quite expensive or even impossible to repair. Stepping approximately present a strategy to this problem may be the leader in rugged smartphone and smartwatch technology SNOPOW Australia. SNOPOW Australia recently announced the launch of two remarkable products their flagship IP68 rated M8-LTE 4G Smartphone and IP68 rated W1S 3G Smartwatch. With IP68 meaning the smartphone and smartwatch being waterproof, dust proof and shock proof, what is the news of the release may be greeted with enthusiasm.

“Here australia wide things can get pretty rough, at work at play,” commented a spokesperson from SNOPOW Australia. “We wished to offer people a top end smartphone and smartwatch that can handle the rough stuff. In the beach to the outback, from the possible risks with where you can the dangers of the worksite. We've got tired of replacing our fragile 'handle with extreme care' smartphones and watches and made a decision to take action. We have now a selection of 'handle without care' mobiles and watches that we can really take everywhere. Things are getting tougher all round, so we wanted something that may go the distance. All the different SNOPOW products was the solution.”

According to the company both their new smartphone and smartwatch have breathtaking statistics.

The M8-LTE smartphone may be the company's lead product, and has recently had both its software and hardware upgraded dramatically. Now the smartphone features full 4G connectivity and is running the latest Android os Android 5.1 Lollipop. This puts the M8-LTE neck to neck in performance using the latest releases from Samsung and LG both in speed information connectivity, but with an addition of an IP68 rating, meaning the smartphone is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. The M8-LTE even features a UHF Walkie Talkie function, which makes it a lot more versatile in nearly any situation.

The W1S 3G Smartwatch combines a stylish appearance, with the same rugged and waterproof functionality that has built the SNOPOW remarkable reputation. The W1S 3G has been crafted to the same IP68 rating standard as the brand's smartphones, making the smartwatch waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. It includes a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and runs Android 4.4, making the W1S 3G greater than what many other companies leading smartphones. Rounding out your features, the smartwatch has a high performing 2mp camera along with a 1.6" touchscreen display that's so responsive an individual can simply text from it.

Both goods are available directly through SNOPOW from your company website.

For more information be sure to visit http://snopow.com.au