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✢ FULL NAME: Arafel Sidhe

✢ GENDER: Female

✢ RACE: Woodland Elf (Undead)

✢ AGE: Was 259 at the age of death, an unknown amount of time has passed since her resurrection.

✢ OCCUPATION / ROLE: Esteemed Knight of the Dark Lord's Army.
Also a young wanderer that aid's all across Lionsdale. (This is her Disguise)

✢ AFFILIATION: Dark Lord's Army


    Supernatural Fortitude: Arafel is undead, but she is different from the common rotting corpse soldier. She has been gifted a new "life" that magically preserves her body. This magic gives her a feint pulse and the ability to form higher thought. It also magically seals wounds and any damage that her body sustains slowly. (This can take even longer then a living human's healing rate at times.) She also no longer feels pain like a living creature, and is much faster and stronger then her body suggests. The only way to "kill" her is decapitation. But if her head and body are reunited she'll heal again and resurrect.

    Commander of the Dead: Arafel is like the Alpha of all undead creatures. Her power rival's that of even the greatest Lich's and other creatures. Lesser undead beings cower in her presence, and those that do not are still deterred by the power she holds. Although she does not know very much Necromancy, her aura itself coerces the dead into obeying her. If they do not she has the power to rip out the very essence of any undead being, absorbing all the necrotic energy they posses and permanently putting them down. Arafel is probably the perfect undead soldier in the Dark Lord's Army.

    Plague Bringer: Arafel can bring about death and pestilence in equal abundance. If she wishes she can corrupt and poison whatever she touches with disease that will kill all who are infected, and sometimes resurrect them as new undead soldiers.

    Blood Magic: Arafel commands powerful dark magics, one being magic fueled by blood and the life-force of others. Arafel can't use her own blood for this magic since it lacks a lot of life energy, but any other blood is fair game. With blood magic she can summon and bind demons, torture the living, and create all sorts of magical traps and even weapons.

    Soul Rending: With one foot in the realm of the supernatural and the other in the land of the living, Arafel can absorb and even manipulate the energy that is a soul. Undead creatures are the easiest to absorb, because they lack the will to fight you. Living beings however, must be close to death, or freshly dead for this power to work. Arafel can take the absorbed power and weave it into magic that can make weapons from the ghostly essence, or create spectral hands and monsters to terrorize the battlefield.

✢ BACKGROUND: Arafel was born in a time of great strife. The lands her people lived in were besieged by dark creatures, and her people's way of life was threatened by the growing darkness. As she aged she saw many terrible things, but the death and despair would not have her be dissuaded from living a full life. She became a pinnacle of her people's culture. She was intelligent, elegant, a master of diplomacy as well as strategy and war. She even became one of the most revered warriors of her time.

In her adulthood she began to lead many campaigns against the creatures of the dark that threatened her homeland. She was unstoppable on the battlefield, and quickly became a hero.

✢ USERNAME : Blood Born Angel