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hello welcome to my journal smile
shitposts from beyond the grave
looking back at posts i made 10 years ago, i see that very little has changed about my sense of humor minus the fact that i'm way less of a teenage edgelord now. i consider this change to be for the better.

i also see lots of broken photobucket links and i am a little, tiny bit bummed but unsurprised, after all a lot of time has passed since those images were posted. i think i've saved everything in some dusty folder on my backup drive somewhere.

UH ANYWAY, in the outlandish event anyone even reads this, i'm kinda back for now but who knows how long it'll be before i lose interest and wander off again. i see the economy has gone completely apeshit bananas since i was last here and now 1.5 million gold is considered chump change you get out of the daily chance, that's kind of a culture shock.

i'm also noticing that pretty much everything is a ~premium cash shop item~ now and site announcements aren't even announcements anymore but barking for the latest pixel shiny. it's cool that artists are getting work and the site's gotta keep the lights on somehow, but i wish i could turn off the notifications. i thought the advertising was bad when i left, but now i just don't even bother to check my announcements anymore because they fill up within hours of clearing them with more crap.

in a way, gaia feels like the land time forgot. minus the adverts, it looks almost identical to the site i left 5 years ago. the inventory system is still a goddamned mess and i wish there was an auto-sorter of some kind, maybe one that gives users the choice of how they want to sort (alphabetization, premium/CIs first, by color, etc). hell, some breedable pet threads are still quite active despite being a literal decade old and that's the most mindblowing thing of all. given the way the gaian economy is now though, i suspect the days of flatsales going for 4k are long gone and i'm reluctant to see what pets cost now.

this account is 12 years old and that's freaky. i sometimes wonder if, when i get old and gray, this relic of a website will still be running, its server rack wheezing and dusty, and looking the same as it did 40 years ago when most of the internet has moved on. will people remember gaia as fondly as they do geocities now? will the servers eventually be shut down? will gaia be still around after we die, carrying our pixel avatars on well after we've shuffled off the mortal coil?

also i am mildly annoyed at the fact that there apparently are no hairstyles that will allow me to replicate the bold stylings of manfred von karma, despite the tens of thousands of items this website must have. the closest i could find were a dracula wig and the sleazy ponytail in the salon but neither really fit the bill. c'mon gaia, give us a slicked back bad guy hairstyle (but don't make it cost almost a billion gold ffs)!

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