biodegradable water balloons - Having an outdoor party that deserves some wet and wild fun? If you're in need of ideas that will suit kids of all ages, you can't go wrong with water balloons. There are so many fun activities to do, and the inexpensive cost of these inflatables makes it easy to plan a party on a budget. Just remember that you may want to establish some rules from the get-go in order to keep kids from getting too rough. Otherwise, all you need are some buckets of water-filled balloons and lots of energy!

A great feature to these types of water activities is that they serve as excellent ice breakers for kids. There's nothing kids like better than running around and playing. Depending on the age and personalities of your group, you can start off by having everyone introduce themselves and then playing a game, or vice versa. Youngsters are more apt to playing together once they've met one another and have had time to form quick bonds.