The issue isn't about wether, or not, you love your children (Son, or Daughter) if you feel it's time to kick them out. It's not an easy decision, but if it has to come then you've gotten to the point (not just once, but often) of being so frustrated trying to motivate a unambitious spoiled rotten kid.

Why would they want to leave, why should they? I mean, the lights come on when they flip the switch; there's some food in the refrigerator, they can take a shower, have a place to crap, get cleaned up, have clean clothes, a bed / pillow, a place to go out of the bad weather, cable, xbox, internet, cell phone, need I go on?

In my experience I have found that there are two basic kinds of kids.

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Type1: Kids who when they reach 18 and have worked to put plan together for their lives