meeh.. trying to get used to gaia again. im back because i just recently got my navel pierced. it is very soar right now anc cause of that i cant go swimming or play that much outside im terrified it would get infected. xD
anyways i will post pictures of me no worries. and pictures of me or my or with my belly button piercing. n___n its cute!
yes.. it did kinda hurt when i got it pierced.. felt like a hard pinch. c__c;
any ways i'll be on gaia every now and then now.. maybe an hour a day or less.. or a little more.. but not as much as i used to be on.. but hey.. i'll still be on right?
so did you guys miss me??!! what happend on gaia latley!!?
i need to knoooow. haha.

if your wondering i couldint go on the convention on saterday. my friend called me and invited me over to her house.. we went to a piercing place. and looked at some intresting tatoos and etc. most of the tatoos where creepy. the one tatoo that i thought was very disturbing was this one demon girl she was half naked and her boobs and butt were showing and she was about to put a d***o in her v****a. o__o;
and there were some tatoos with girls and there tities showing and boobs sticking outta there s**t. XD very rated X tatoos. but some of the tatoos were pretty cool.. mmhmmm maybe i;ll get one sometime. :3
but the problom is they are $100++ pretty expensive.. more then what i payed for my navel piercing... well i could have boughten a navel jewel for $30. but i got mine for $180... it is opal my birth stone and really pretty n__n

thats the one i gots.

i will post pictures of myself sometime today this week. but soon. no worries people. ;D ~