fast cars - Sports cars are automobiles that are able to generate high top speeds. They are generally lightweight with a low center of gravity and possess powerful engines to propel them to high speeds. Aesthetics have formed a significant element of modern sports cars as they are known for their sleek design. Rear-wheel drives are equipped for more precise handling, a significant need for these vehicles. There are other layouts available as well, however. Race cars are types of sports car but they are no comprehensive type for example Lamborghini does not build racing cars and solely produces sports car for your consumer.

The history of sports vehicle traces its roots towards the early twentieth century where touring cars were utilised in early rallys such as the Monte Carlo. The 3 liter 1910 Vauxhall 20 hp (15KW) and 27/80 PS Austro-Daimler, developed by Porsche, can be regarded as the very first true sports cars, even though they were not called that. Austin using the 'Seven' and Morris Garages (MG) with all the 'Midget' were two of the first companies to offer you reliable sports cars.

Sports cars need to have precise handling and different layouts are employed to ensure. The layout of having a rear-wheel drive with all the engine at the front has survived in sports cars. Other layouts such as the RMR layout deployed by manufacturers like Lamborghini and Ferrari have the added advantages of improved handling and much better weight distribution. In the RMR layout the motor is found in the center inside the chassis behind the driver.