Begin by choosing the longest, straightest, wall - the planks will normally be placed along that wall as a starting point. Check that the opposite wall is reasonably square with it by measuring the distance wall to wall at each end. If the room is not square a judgement call will have to be made as to which wall (or both) will have planks cut that are narrower on one end than the other. Walls that are an inch or so out of square are not normally a problem, but if there is a wide variance between them starting and ending planks will have to be "ripped" (cut the long direction) at a small angle to accommodate the walls.

In our case, the walls were square enough, but there were too many of them. Two rooms were to have the new hardwood flooring installed; a dining room and a living room. Between the two was a wide opening, but no real doorway - just a wall that separated the two, but ended with an opening of some 8 feet between the two rooms. Are you looking for