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I'v showed you more in 1 week then I'v showed anyone in my life....my olny hope is that you look at it and understand...
My Dream of destruction....
My Wish proves how selfish of a human I am...
My dream would have even the thought of anny in all civalization bestroyed befor it was evine a posably cretion..
My one desieres would have calused no knowledge to have bin learnd. no since would have ever bin descoverd. No enventions would have bin made and sertnly no medacation ever concocted..
My dream would be asking the world to give up and die crushing others dreams so mine could become a realty.
My bream would crush thae mane focuse of the human mind know as anbission and if you dont baleave that anbishion it the cause of lift then ask you self why do I keep moving?
Becuse of anbishion people moved on to grow merly becuse 1 beeing whanted to do smting or know something no one elce had done or known. but the destoction of anbishion isnt the olny aspect of this dream of mine....religion would be erased to........
Becuse all of religion is baced on the sempel fact that there is a highter beeing than evry one elce..
My dream would cause the destroction of polaticks causing dissorder globel wide for noone would have cotrole of anyone elce...
Have you gessd my dream?.....No? then here are some more hents
My dream would cause the death of milions becuse crimales would no longer be consieder crimanels. There wouls be no difrence between rite and wrong so why would muders and rpeist be held in prisions.
My dream would mean no one could clame a thing not evin dinner at anothes expence....
My dream would make evry one soo ideotick that being calld a vegatable would be an complament...
I'n short my dream would ablitarate all life forms by takeing away ther need to grow...
If you hadent not gessd it than I' dont know what to tell you to help you gess it so here it is and here is why...

My dream is to end mente sufring and any forme of shunning tords others. I want evry one to finlly see that thay have no right to pick on or mock anyone elce just becuse tay are difrent or hve a difrent way of seeing things....what dose this dream haf to do with the statment above you ask..... Well lets think about it.. if evryt one saw them selft the same as evry one elce mently why would anyone ever have the need to better themselves and learn more. None of our concepte would have bin thought of becuse no one would have bin wrong to be proven wrong. We'd still think It was ok to take over and kill anyones land becuse if our fathe did it then I wana do it to sence a muder woulnd never have bin any difrent from a moral man and no one would be wron or rite becuse that would mean the you say your selft as beter than thim. that would mean that you knew bettwe than them and you were smater and deserved more than te outher guy. That would mean that he is not the same as you and he is beneht you thus he would be excluded.
Now do you understand?
Now do you see why drteams of equatly will never be truly relized?
If not then you are folling yourself.
It is esentel to look at yourself as higer that someone elce.
To be sucsessfull you must separate yourself from others.

And I what that to end so that is why I am selfish.... I want the paine to stop and aI want evry one to live happly together without the need to down outhers to look beter. I want evry one to acept flaws along with pefections and do so with out harsh words. My dream will never come true becus no one could live wihout an ego to inflate and that is how it starts. yow call someone elce stupid ether harshly of all doold up in pritty words and you tel them thay are wrong for thinking that.

My dream.....my deam is an wish for deth I am an dark beeing

Maraschino The Red
Community Member
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  • User Comments: [4]
    you know that is very thoughtfull

    comment Your dream teen · Community Member · Mon Sep 04, 2006 @ 01:44am
    is it rilly?

    comment Maraschino The Red · Community Member · Mon Sep 04, 2006 @ 01:59am
    to me it means alot

    comment Your dream teen · Community Member · Mon Sep 04, 2006 @ 02:04am
    I have a crouded mind...... it's just 1 of my vews..... some times I'm something elce

    comment Maraschino The Red · Community Member · Mon Sep 04, 2006 @ 02:25am
    User Comments: [4]

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