get youtube subscribers - When people decide whether or not they are going to view your content on YouTube, one of the things they will look for is whether or not the video in question has a lot of ‘Likes’, or many views. They may also check to see how many subscribers the poster has. The content of your video can be stellar and amazing, but with four ‘likes’, there isn’t a good chance that anyone else will find it. Instead, it will be buried in the vast hectares of other, unwatched YouTube videos, never to be seen or heard from again. However, with many likes, subscribers, and views, your YouTube video could rocket to stardom, provided the content is interesting enough that it can gain momentum among viewers.

Did you know that you can buy YouTube subscribers? There are sites where you can hire people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, to like your video, or to place comments in your comment section. This can help you get the exposure your video needs, get more people watching, and hopefully more (unhired) people subscribing as well. You can get YouTube subscribers for a rate of fifty subscribers for a dollar, but views and likes are far cheaper. You can get the most YouTube subscribers by buying in bulk – for example, on one site, you can purchase 8,000 subscribers for $120. Having this many subscribers can make your YouTube videos appear very popular, and help establish your reputation as a well-known vidder.