Wireless Bluetooth headphone is an option for those who don't want to be tethered to the source. They're a good choice for every home theater, a home stereo system or even for computer games where you wouldn't want a cord to get in the way of your game-controlling hand. Wireless bluetooth headphone is another great application for workouts; where there is no dangling wire from headphones might get snagged while exercising.

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The "High Quality" in-OVER-EAR BLUETOOTH this player comes with are anything but. You have to push these little things so far in your ear to hear a good sound. The headphones are very uncomfortable and are flimsy. They do send extra pieces in case the ones you have fall apart, which they will. The cords are long and easily tangle.

The good thing with wireless bluetooth headphone lies in the fact that they can be used with any gadget which have the capability to connect wirelessly via the Bluetooth. You will at all time like it. It is also good since you can use it at any place. You can carry it with you and listen to your music all through without having to be bothered with wires.

To turn on the cell phone speaker, you need to go to the phone's settings. This might be dangerous if you are driving. However, all you need with a bluetooth earpiece is to press on a button when a call comes in and to press it when the call is over. All in all, Bluetooth technology is very common today and many phones are Bluetooth enabled. The earphones go for as little as 15 to 20 dollars. On the other hand, many people find earphones annoying and pretentious. For these people, having cell phone speakers in the car is the best option. Most cell phones have inbuilt speakers. This means you do not need to make an extra investment. With Bluetooth technology, you need to by an earphone which will set you back $15 to $20.

When your iPhone is turned on, press the black sleep or wake button that is located on the top of the phone screen. Slide the bar so that the phone will be unlocked. After that, click the "Settings" icon and to the "Brightness' tab. You have to slide the brightness slide bar halfway down the bottom. It needs to appear right under the "h" letter on the "Brightness" section. After that, turn the "Auto-brightness" and go back to settings again. This time, go to the "General" tab and then check whether the bluetooth tab is turned on. If it is on, you need to turn it off if it is not being used. This will save a lot of battery energy from your phone. Some people leave their Bluetooth tab on even if not used, without knowing that it consumes a lot from their battery.

The EVO G was wired a revolutionary phone and the EVO D takes it one step further. This reminds me of when the iPhone 3G came out a year after the original iPhone. The iPhone 3G was definitely worth the upgrade as is the EVO 3D.

In terms of sound quality, you want something that has low background noise so that you can hear your conversations even when you're in a noisy place such as the train station or driving on the freeway. The comfort factor is also important. Most earpieces are designed to hook around your ear. Try the device to see if it fits comfortably on your ear before you buy it.