Eleaf iSmoka iStick 40W Temp Control Box Mod - The Triton Personal Submarine

Have you wanted to have a real adventure? Do you ever dream about going through the deep oceans the location where the most advanced scuba diver cannot go? Whenever you think about the depth restrictions that face most all scuba divers, the idea of a small 'personal' submarine with capabilities of depths of just one,000 or 3,300 feet sounds pretty interesting. Such a submarine is now which is available from Triton Submarines, who build several designs inside their facilities in Florida. Made for yacht based use, these deep water submersibles feature the best in technology and safety.

Obviously, this is the serious piece of equipment which is not something that you decide to buy impulsively. Up till now, only ocean engineers, scientists, researchers, and military specialists could explore the depths of the ocean and experience exploring depths between 200 and 1,000 feet or deeper. Tritons can be found in 2 and 3 person models with two depth designs, 1000 feet or 3300 feet. All models are ABS classed vessels which offer very strict safety requirements.