Cerrajero malaga urgencia - Wine Trail of Malaga

Malaga is known throughout the world for its stunning beaches, sunshine and birthplace of Picasso. It is also known for bull fighting. Also, Malaga is symbolic of Flamenco dances. However, it is often the most underrated wine growing regions on holiday. Rich wines to complement your meal found in Malaga are among among the better wines that the world can offer.

So this time around if you visit Malaga, be sure to adhere to a rich wine trail in Malaga. Malaga has become producing wine for centuries. Wines were made by both, the Moors along with the Phoenicians. Though liquor is forbidden in Arabic culture, they produced the best wines in Malaga and also enjoyed the fruit of their labour. In fact combined with the fascinating Moorish architecture, wine is a legacy left from the Moors.