It's about time I write an entry that isn't set to private, just incase anyone ever reads these things. It's 6:30 am, and I've been vegging out on this couch ever since I got back from work. It was a ******** hooooorrrible day. Busy. Incompetent coworkers. As usual, I took on the lion's share of the work, but I had a bit more help than usual anyway.

Mason and his new boyfriend bought me sushi at work! That was nice.

I put on music Taylor would send me to listen to because it comforted me. I thought about him the entire time. I think about a lot during those shifts when it's quiet... the latter half of the night was dead, but I had enough work to catch up on that I was still there late enough anyways. Biking home across the city, takes about an hour... good workout though.

Trying to relax because I can't seem to wind down. My body is exhausted but my mind is too tense. Taylor went to bed early... usually we talk until we're both practically asleep. I guess I've started to take that for granted. I'm getting a bit needier, which is something I try to watch but he insists he's alright with. I have an obsessive personality, but not on the level of when I was younger. I miss him. My time with him is very precious to me.

Headache. Mason is coming over later... I want to shower before anyone gets here but I doubt I'll find the time. He'll probably wake me up. Maybe.

My trip is rapidly approaching. Just a couple more weeks. Everything is prepared, I just have to pack up the night before. So excited... I've never been out of the country before, much less by myself. A little nervous too, but I'll be ultra cautious. I can't wait until I can embrace Taylor in person. I love him so very much...

I think that's enough writing.