░▒▓█♠Personal Information♠█▓▒░
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Full Name: Arthas Tenketsu
Nickname: "Art"

Age: 28
Height: 6'2
Weight: 185lbs

Hair Color: Crimson
Eye Color: Sky Blue

Build: Lean
Tattoos/Scars/Birthmarks: N/A
Character Description: He has two mouths on the palm of his hands and a large mouth on his chest. His jacket is open and his shirt is a button u so he can tear it open when he needs to use the extra mouth on his chest. His gloves have small slits in them to allow him to use the chakra mouths on the palms of his hands.
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Personality: Arthas is a very personable man. He is straight in his goings and is know widely as a talker. One of his best known traits is his projection of voice and personality. He is energetic and always ready to go. But he is also known to be stern, caring, kind, and carefree. He has the traits of a Hokage. He leads his people with keen precision and true leadership.
Personal Goals: Lead his people above and beyond happiness.
Relationship Status: Widowed
Personal Skills: Living on his own he can do all the necessary things of life. He specializes in anything artistic.

╞═♣Shinobi Information♣═╡
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|c σ м в α т • ∂ α т α|├▬
Bloodline: Bakuton - Explosive Release / Jiton - Magnet Release

Chakra Pool: 1,620
Chakra Element: Fire/Earth/Lightning
Chakra Color: Silver
Chakra Materialization: It appears as a flickering aura.
Primary class: Dual-Ninjutsu
Secondary class: Advanced Combo Kekkei
Rank: Kage - S+

• Elemental Jutsu
• Chakra Control
• Physically Weak
• Chakra Usage
• Claustrophobic
• Finding his sister dead

Class Attributes:
• Secret Sea: Backup reserve of [250] chakra.
• Ancestral Blood: Bloodline technique effects enormously increased.
• Renewing Blood: Whenever a bloodline technique above rank D is performed, [15] chakra is refunded.
• Learn ninjutsu six [6] posts faster.

Shinobi Attributes:
• Deep Chakra Pool [+60]
• Speed Increased

Speed: 6
Strength: 2.5
Reflex: 2.5
Flexibility: 2.5
Agility: 5

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|ω є α ρ σ η • ∂ α т α|├▬
Weapon Type: Chakrams
Weapon Range: 25ft
Weapon Weight: 10lbs
Weapon Location: Back
Weapon properties Made of Tempered Steel.
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|ι η ν є η т σ r у|├▬
• x15 Kunai
• x15 Shuriken

Village: Konohagakure
Headband Location: Around Neck
Headband Color: Black

Goals as a Shinobi: Goal Met
Current Title: Hokage
Great Title: Hokage

▌▬♦Speciality Information♦▬▐
Demons: N/A
Cursed Mark: N/A
Summon N/A
Implants: N/A
Custom Weapons: U/C


SS- Ranked:
S- Ranked: 5
A- Ranked: 48
B- Ranked: 35
C- Ranked: 22
D- Ranked: 5


Family Members
• Mother: Neva Tenketsu
• Father: Hale Tenketsu
• Siblings: Sister - Lilith Tenketsu
History: Arthas was raised as a fifth generation shinobi. Losing his parents at a young age turned him bitter though. His parents had given their lives to save the father of another boy known as Kairu. After recovering, Kairu's father took Arthas and his sister Lilith into their home and gave them a place to live. Arthas hated Kairu and his parents for what they had done. It was only because of his sister that he didn't run away. As they grew up, Arthas began to grow up, he accepted the fate of his parents. Rather then hating Kairu's, he understood his parents were heroes in their own right, doing what they knew was best. So his hate for Kairu and his family lessened.

He grew up with a brother that was not his biological relative. Kairu and himself grew up with a strong hatred for each other, they pushed each other and made each other better but not on purpose. Soon Kairu was forced to stay back by his father, and together Kairu and Arthas entered the academy. Kairu was falling behind in the classes and Arthas was behind in the activities, so against their will they began helping each other. They progressed at a decent rate, but by far they weren't the top of their class, in fact it was their sister or rather Arthas's sister. She also lived in Kairu's family house and grew up with them, but she was the one who kept them in line. They all three graduated with their class and went on to be on the same team because of their already awkward bond and they were used to being around each other enough to know how to work together, however Arthas and Kairu would most of the time refuse to help one another.

As Genin the group made it's way through missions at a fast pace. After only 5 D-Rank missions they began C-Rank which only lasted for 10 missions they then received 3 B-Rank missions before they went on their first and last A-Rank mission as a team. Lilith was seen as a great asset on every mission basically keeping the team from failure. With Arthas and Kairu bumping heads, and trying to out do one another she kept the team on track. After the A-Rank mission Lilith was automatically given the rank of Chunin. Kairu seen this as a mistake, he believed he was the best on the team, however this wasn't the case. Kairu and Arthas were told that if they couldn't work together they would never become Chunin. They did 2 more C-Rank missions together and 5 more B-Rank missions, they began working together slowly and becoming a better team. In fact they became feared by the other Genin knowing that the two would be in the Chunin exams.

They both entered the Chunin exams, they were at a disadvantage, all the other teams were teams of three. They flew through the teams in the first round needing to keep their scroll and gain one from another team, this cut the large group in half. The second round was a team fight, despite being at a disadvantage Arthas and Kairu destroyed the competition, again this cut the group in half once more. In round three they fought one-on-one battles, Arthas and Kairu made it to the finals and despite being defeated by his brother Kairu became a Chunin along with Arthas and a few others who had proven themselves worthy of the title. The two would continue to be a two man cell and every now and then be accompanied by Lilith. Arthas and Kairu became much closer but they still have their brotherly spats. They completed various missions together and became feared for their powerful techniques.

Soon the two advanced to Jounin shortly after Lilith had became one as well. They would venture out on their own, but one day an important mission came through. They were the most qualified team, they went out as if it was any other mission, Arthas and Kairu bumping heads as it was the first time they had seen each other in awhile. After receiving information that would split them up on this mission they acted as if it was just another mission and did as such. Without hesitation they each went their own way to complete their part of the mission and together they would get it done much faster. They set a rally point and a few hours later Arthas and Kairu showed up at the same time. With that said Kairu stepped on the ground just before Arthas and they began arguing on who was able to complete their part of the mission first. They soon realized Lilith hadn't showed up which was uncommon since she would have been most likely the first to complete her part of the mission.

After searching for her for days they cut their losses and went back to the village with a failed mission and gathered a search party, they searched for weeks but to no avail. Soon the two of them found themselves searching for a few years and still nothing although searching separately they knew the other hadn't given up hope. On his search Arthas was called back to the village, he was offered the position of Hokage and after initially turning it down he accepted knowing he was the most fit for the position. No matter what though, Arthas holds out hope that one day he will find his beloved sister. She was always the one who held him together. Without her he had temporarily lost his sanity, hence why he first turned down the position of Hokage. But once he had finally gathered his thoughts he took up the mantle. His only fear was of losing his best friend Kairu to jealousy and never being able to have the chance to find his sister. But Kairu remained loyal to the end, knowing Arthas could not leave the village, he went out and searched for her. Arthas hated that he could not aid in the search, but he was the Hokage now. He knew to put his people's interests above his own. But to this day he never gives up hope. He carries a circular pendant with his name and hers engraved on the front and back, pictures of them inside.
Traumas: Being Forgotten After Death
Traumas: Claustrophobia. Lost his mother and father. Later lost his sister.
Theme Song: I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin

▼→Jutsu List←▼
• Henge no Jutsu [ Transformation Technique ]
• Kawarimi no Jutsu [ Substitution Technique ]
• Genso Bushin no Jutsu [ Illusion Clone Technique ]
• Suimen Hokou no Waza [ Act of Water Surface Walking ]
• Kinobori no Waza [ Act of Tree Climbing ]
• Kai [ Release ]


Katon: Ichi (Fire Release: One)
Rank: E
Description: The basic building block of a great many techniques down the line, this is presumably the very same skill that began the study of Katons. Molding their chakra through a simple seal of any choice, the user is able to focus it onto the tip of their index finger in the form of heat. With this, they can cut through things such as glass and rope with some difficulty. However, at this stage, control of one’s chakra is so minimal that this technique can only be used by one finger and essentially has no combat use.

Katon: Ni (Fire Release: Two)
Rank: D
Description: This technique makes it so that after a user has molded enough chakra to gather heat into their finger they can now distribute it to both the index and middle finger (one hand), making it a somewhat viable option in combat now. However, jabs and strikes made through this method would simply burn through clothing and wouldn’t cause any substantial thereafter. In terms of raw searing strength, though, it allows the user to cut through even metallic string now.

Katon: Tanebi no Jutsu (Fire Release: Cinder Technique)
Rank: D
Description: Basic to all Katon users is the ability to set thing things on fire, obviously. This technique allows a person to snap their fingers and ignite a spark anywhere they so wish. A simple cinder and no more, this jutsu is used mostly in pranks and the like.

Katon: San (Fire Release: Three)
Rank: C
Description: At this stage of learning, users of this technique are expected to be quite adept at controlling the flow of chakra in their body. It is by this that they are now able to both create ample amounts of chakra and distribute to both hands (still only two fingers per hand). The actual heat effect of this technique, though, still hasn’t changed much from Katon: Ni. Also, awkwardly enough, the user is still unable to have the technique travel throughout one whole hand.

Katon: Shi (Fire Release: Four)
Rank: C
Description: Much unchanged from Katon: San, the most noticeable change here is the strength of the heat effect set off by the user’s fingers. Now able to melt through various objects of higher density than glass (not including metals), the only drawback is that this intensity is only attainable through one hand at the moment. One could compare the effect of this technique to being stabbed with a searing hot kunai. Essentially, this is just a much more combat effective version of Katon: Ni.
Note: This technique cannot be stacked with Katon: San wherein both hands can be used at the same time with one hand stronger than the other.

Katon: Taika no Jutsu (Fire Release: Fireproof Technique)
Rank: C
Description: At this point in time, the user has developed a natural resilience to flame and has come to know the pros and cons of their own techniques. With this knowledge in hand, they are able to not only guard themselves against fire and high temperatures but also anything around them. Expelling chakra at a constant rate, it acts as a shield or buffer against all forms of heat, completely preventing them from harm. But by freely imparting this chakra onto a person or thing, they are able to pass on that very same shield.

Katon: Go (Fire Release: Five)
Rank: B
Description: This is where the technique evolves into one of the most deadly techniques within the Leaf. This is the stage before Kaseiken, the only move of comparable strength to the Chidori within the Leaf’s arsenal. In this building block, however, the user mimics the hand movement and effect of Chidori, replacing lightning with flame. Here, unlike the techniques leading up to this, flames now spring forth from the user’s entire hand. If the user balls their hand into a fist, however, the flames immediately disperse and the jutsu is cancelled. In this way, only spear-handed attacks can be made and their potency is increased so that most defenses can now be pierced.

Haisekishou (Burning Ash Accumulation)
Rank: B
Description: Katon • Haisekishou is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Fire Element. After forming the needed handseals, Asuma will expel an ash from his mouth. This large cloud begin to envelope his foe and when Asuma clicks his teeth, the cloud will ignite in an explosion

Katon: Neshou Bunshin (Fire Release: Burning Clone)
Rank: B
Description: Welling chakra up, the user releases it into the air around them after a series of hand-seals. This creates clones of fire, disguised to look exactly like the user. The clones have the user’s stats. When destroyed, the clones burst into flame, capable of creating first degree burns and lighting clothing/leaves/paper/etc on fire

Katon • Horou no Jutsu (Fire Release • Fire Prison)
Rank: B
Description: A skill in which generates a circular flame upon the ground, raising up bars of flame and a covering over top. This intense flame heats all within it, preventing water from being created from the inside with the dryness of the air. Touching the sides results in various burns, and while this jutsu is used it ca be linked to any other fire jutsu and the jutsu will be fired at the person inside the prison

Katon • Hibashira no Jutsu (Fire Release • Pillar of Fire Skill)
Rank: B
Description: A skill in which the user gathers their chakra through the ground, aiming it towards their opponent. If used upon a stationary opponent this jutsu can very easily be used. Shooting up a powerful pillar of flame from the ground which surrounds the opponent. The opponent in side is burned mercilessly during the time they are within it. This jutsu is a self-sustaining jutsu, so even if the attack does not hit it can be used as a tool to throw your opponent at for damage.

Katon: Gouka Hataka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Hellfire Clap)
Rank: A
Description: A jutsu of catastrophic might, it draws upon the unwieldiness that is flame. Calling forth chakra from their deepest reserves, the user will perform the trademark techniques that signal the beginning of a Katon. Yet rather than ending in the Tora seal, as most would, it instead ends in the Ram seal as the user’s hands clap together loudly. At that moment a wave of destructive fire flies forth around the user, engulfing all around them. Spread about in a circle, this technique also has the nasty side-effect of searing through anything it comes into contact with. If in its path lay a boulder it would be hewn in two, for example. Defensive jutsu are defeated by this technique as well, for its intensity is beyond measure.
Note: The diameter of this wave is 15 meters. Defensive jutsu of this stage or any below are instantly nullified by this technique, though the attack itself does not carry through the defense and to the opponent. It only serves to break it in this case, and no more

Kaen Funka (Blaze Eruption)
Rank: A
Description: This technique creates a seeming small ball of fire that can be launched at a target. Once the flame impacts something, it explodes in to a raging, all consuming, fire storm within a 20 yard radius

Katon: Shunshin no Jutsu (Fire Release: Fire Transport Technique)
Rank: S
Description: In a haze of flame the user travels from place to place, quite literally leaving disaster in their wake. Much unlike the varying techniques that most other villages boast, this one not only carries the user from one area to another in an elemental, almost ethereal form, but causes a great deal of devastation as well. Performing the necessary seals, the user suddenly becomes the literal form of fire and moves in that form. Also unlike it’s other counterparts, this technique is very much offensive in that the entire area around an opponent can be set ablaze as well and keep them from escaping.

Katon: Oorashi no Ryu (Fire Release: Raging Storm of the Dragon)
Rank: S
Description: An extremely powerful technique that tests the physical limits of the user, it is the mark of a true Katon Master. Using all methods of heat creation and transferal, the user channels chakra all over their body and dramatically bends forward, their back hunched and aimed upward. Then, slamming their crossed arms onto the ground in from of them, firmly planting both palms on the ground, the user erupts in a blazing column of impenetrable flame. What the result is what can only be described as a funnel of pure fire. Designed to be used defensively over all else, the fire as well takes different form as floods of chakra meant to reinforce the technique discolor it. Purple, blue and red all at once, this funnel surrounds the user completely and has obvious effects: anything that makes contact with the user during this technique becomes instantly inflamed, and such force by the chakra launches it back.

Katon: Shinhidora no Jutsu (Fire Release: True Hydra Technique)
Rank: S
Description: An extremely powerful technique, used only by the most powerful of Leaf-nins, it has been known to destroy entire landscapes in one fell swoop. By somewhat summoning a large, fiery monstrosity in front of them: a Fire Dragon with three heads.

Katon: Daikonran (Fire Release: Pandemonium)
Rank: S+
Description: Very few people have seen this technique in action and even less have ever spoken of it. And yet as cliche as that sounds, it is most definitely a truth that cannot be denied. During the course of a battle, the user carefully sets different parts of the battlefield on fire and then sets this very special technique to use. Drawing upon the heat energy from all the surrounding flames, the user transforms them into spheres of purely charged heat through the use of very particular seals. Then, as the seals are completed, the balls begin to surround the opponent. Finally, they close in on the enemy at incredible speeds and the heat is completely absorbed into their bodies… causing them to explode from all the internal pressures and other biological processes which have failed due to the intense rise in temperature. The user can, also, delay this process by mentally dragging each sphere through the air and disabling an opponent’s appendages one by one before finishing them off.


Doton: Doroku Gaeshi (Earth Release: Rock Shield)
Rank: D
Description: In the jutsu, the user lifts up a giant piece of earth and uses it as a shield. For every rank, the shield grows 5 feet by 5 feet, and thickens by 3 inches

Doton: Arijigoku (Earth Release: Inescapable Hell)
Rank: C
Description: Doton • Arijigoku is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth Element. After forming the needed hand seal, Fudou will create a conical crater below his opponent. This twisting, sinking pit will pull the target below ground to imprison and suffocate them.

Bakuyaku Iwa Kawarimi [ Explosive Stone Body Replacement ]
Rank: C
Official Description: This jutsu replaces the body with a large stone or even a boulder. There is a rather dangerous difference though, the boulder that replaces the stone-nin’s body is explosive and if struck explodes with the force of several explosive notes. If a boulder is nearby, one simply needs to make a single handsign for the effects.

Jihibiki Kansei no Jutsu [ Earth Tremor Sense Technique ]
Rank: C
Official Description: By touching the ground, the user can sense tremors or vibrations in the ground. These tremors indicate movement, which the user can sense, although he doesn't know who exactly it is. The range is half a mile.

Doton: Earth Dome
Rank: C
Description: The user creates an earth dome, which protects them from external attacks.

Doton: Doryuusou (Earth Release: Earthen Rising Spears)
Rank: C
Description: Doton • Doryuusou no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth Element. After forming the needed hand seals, spears of stone will raise from the ground to pierce the target. The technique can be countered by an opponent who hardens their body with a stronger Earth Element jutsu.

Doton: Doryuu Heki (Earth Release: Earth Style Wall)
Rank: D-S
Description: A defensive jutsu in which the user creates a thick wall of mud and earth to defend against an attack. For every rank, the wall of mud is twenty feet wider and fifteen feet higher. Dragging the ground with one's foot, the wall comes into existence

Doton Kekai: Dorou Doumu (Earth Barrier: Earth Dome Prison)
Rank: B
Description: Doton Kekai • Dorou Doumu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth Element. After striking the ground with his hands, Jiroubou is able to overturn the earth and cause it to rise up around his opponents. Placing his hands against the dome he is able to suck out the chakra from the people trapped inside and bring it into his own body. At the same time Jiroubou will use his own chakra to spread throughout the dome, this allows him to repair any damage his opponents manage to inflict on the inside. The chakra is not evenly spread out though, as the chakra flows away from Jiroubou, it becomes more and more weak. Allowing the dome to be broken on the far side if hit by a hard enough force.

Tsuchi Shikyo no Jutsu (Earth Death Technique)
Rank: A
Description: The user creates handsigns and then, when the activates it, the ground literally opens and swallows the opponent. Once the handsigns are created it can be used anytime and is extremely unpredictable, making it hard to defend against.


Teikou no Kuntou (Electricity Resistance Training)
Rank: E
Description: While not necessarily a technique that must be taken, most Cloud-nin are taught this at the Academy. As most know electricity in general is a deadly and somewhat scarce element, generally one could only collect the necessary electricity necessary to perform techniques if they were fighting in the middle of a thunderstorm, or near an electrical source. However current training standards in the academy show how a cloud-nin tends to make electricity through the use of chakra, turning most Cloud-nin in to human capacitors, technically. The process is generally quite painful and requires about 5 months of mental and physical conditioning to resist the charges you activate onto your body. As it is written, this technique is optional. A person who doesn't take this skill will generally feel pain when even performing their own electricity based techniques, also one who tends to take this ability tends to notice that minor shocks generally do not hurt them as badly.
Note: This skill is passive.

Raikou Bunshin no Jutsu (Lightning Clone Technique)
Rank biggrin
Description: This technique makes a simple clone of the shinobi however unlike the standard bunshin, which is a genjutsu, this bunshin takes an actual physical form through the use of electrically charged chakra. One can easily touch and hold this clone like it was in fact an actual person, however when it is attacked it quickly disperses into smoky, hot air. It is also able to attack using taijutsu, however it's ability to attack is around 1/10 in perspective to the user, in return for this weakness it's attacks deliver shocks of electricity to the opponent's body.

Hachidori no Mure no Jutsu [ Swarm of Hummingbirds Technique ]
Rank: C
Official Description: After activation, the technique causes various sparks of lightning to appear in the air. Within moments they transform into humming birds, giving off a loud humming sound. The humming birds will then rush the opponent, and can spread out to hit multiple targets. Creates between 5 and 10 birds.

Dendou Bakuhatsu no Jutsu [ Electric Explosion Technique ]
Rank: C
Official Description: After creating the needed hand seals, the user causes all Lightning Clones that are under his or her control to explode in a burst of electricity, shocking anyone that happens to be near them and inflicting tremendous pain.

Raiton: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Lightning Element: Shadow Clone Technique)
Rank: B
Description: Raiton Kage Bunshin no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique that utilizes lightning to create a Kage Bunshin clone. Because it is a Kage Bunshin, the Raiton version shares the ability to interact with the environment due to it having physical substance. This allows the clone to carry out limited attacks on its target. If the Raiton Kage Bunshin is injured, the clone will revert into its natural lightning state. Like in other Lightning Element attacks, should the target come into contact with the electricity, they will be momentarily stunned.

Raikou Bouga (Lightning Hypnosis)
Description: The user Claps once or twice generating a thunderous Sound witch if heard will send shocks throughout the body of the opponent witch will cause strange things from happening For example mixed signals from the brain to body parts can happen or extreme Sickness or loss of balance. (only one effect will occur but the user can state which) lasts 7 turns

Kirin (Lightning Dragon)
Rank: S
Requirements: Must Be Raining Heavily To Use!
Description: Kirin is a Ninjutsu technique developed by Uchiha Sasuke out of the original Chidori technique. Sasuke will first launch fireballs into the sky above using his Gouryuuka jutsu. These fireballs will warm the atmosphere and create a powerful rising air current, which in turn generates thunderclouds. Sasuke will then form Chidori and raise his arm to the heavens. This will allow him to channel the lightning down upon his target. Because he is merely channeling the naturally created lightning, he is able to utilize a power greater than what a ninja could create with their own elemental chakra. Because this is also natural lightning, it will travel more quickly than any ninja could dodge. Upon calling down the lightning, it will create a powerful impact with a large amount of destruction.
Guild Description: If in the presence of thunder clouds, the user sends a beacon of Raiton Chakra up in to the atmosphere, generating the Kirin. After three of the user’s posts, the lightning finishes forming the beast, after which it may be launched. The destructive force of the technique is enough to demolish large buildings.

Kouten no Saiketsu (Heaven's Judgement)
Rank: S
Description: A technique that causes overall destruction and chaos, performing a number of seals a large spinning tube of lightning launches itself out of the user's body and speeds away in the direction that the Cloud-Nin was facing. Going at a particularly high speed this tube begins to tear up all peices of land it touch and bores large holes through anything that has the horrible chance of being in front of it and then explodes in a huge burst of electricity essentially electrocuting anyone within close proximity of the explosion.


Jiba Soujuu [ Magnetic Manipulation ]
The act of converting your own chakra into magnetic energy. Although no longer chakra, per se, it can still be controlled as thought it were. Using this method, one is able to control all sorts of metals, most notably, iron sand or powder. The reason for this is that it is a very easily controlled solid- malleable almost as if a solid. Structures that have resistances or other forces working against the user obviously require more chakra to manipulate, and are thusly deemed "a waste of energy."
• Requires [6] posts to learn.
• Must learn before proceeding to other techniques.

Satetsu Soushi [ Iron Sand Creation ]
The act of converting earth and/or metals into iron sand, via a single handsign, and chakra compression. Iron sand created this way can then be used on the spot, or stored for a later time. It should be noted that iron sand can be melted by fire techniques at least two [2] rank higher than them. Atop that, iron sand that is almost, if not completely melted cannot be controlled by Satetsu bloodline means.
___ Rank D: Small to medium amounts of earth/metal to iron sand. ( Knolls, small hills, etc. )
___ Rank B: Large amounts of earth/metal to iron sand. ( Hills, etc. )
___ Rank S: Massive amounts of earth/metal to iron sand. ( Pingo, puy, etc. )
• Requires [10] posts to learn.
• If you cannot learn a certain rank of technique, you cannot create sand equal to that amount. ( A genin cannot learn A ranked jutsu, so he cannot turn massive amounts of earth/metal into iron sand. )

Yondaime Kazekage's Gold Dust [ Unnamed ]
Rank: Passive
This unnamed Ninjutsu technique is utilized by Yondaime Kazekage. After forming the needed hand seal, dark circles will form around Yondaime Kazekage's eyes. During this time, he can make use of Jiton, or the Magnetic Element. This allows him to control nearby gold dust through magnetic fields. Sandaime Kazekage developed a style of Jiton manipulation upon viewing the Jinchuuriki of Shukaku the Ichibi Bijuu. Their control of sand was mimicked by using magnetic fields to move small particles of metal. Because gold is heavier than sand, Yondaime could send the gold dust into it and thus neutralize Shukaku when it went on a rampage. Yondaime could manipulate the gold in several ways, forming tendrils and protective waves.
• Requires [8] posts to learn.
• Encompasses all heavier metallic elements.
• Must learn before proceeding to use with all other techniques/skills.

Toroi's Magnetic Shuriken [ Unnamed ]
Rank: E
Official Description: This unnamed shuriken jutsu used by Cloud ninja Toroi utilizes the Magnetic Element. Using his ability to generate Jiton, Toroi will magnetize his string of shuriken. Should these shuriken come into contact with an enemy, they will in turn become magnetized. This power is such that it will even pass from a held weapon on to their body. To avoid becoming magnetized, the victim must totally dodge the shuriken launch. With the enemy body now magnetized, Toroi will summon his gigantic shuriken which will be attracted to the magnetized foe.
Guild Description: Using a single handsign, the user will follow up with any sort of physical attack. If it connects within 2 of the user's posts, the target will become forcefully magnetized in their entirety, including non-metallic objects, for 2 of their posts.

Hagane Dama [ Iron Bullet ]
Rank D
The user aims with a single finger, drawing iron powder around the tip. The iron will then form and compact into a small ball, which can then be fired off like a projectile at a relatively high speed.

Teikou no Michi [ Electrical Resistance Method ]
Rank C
The user will place a hand forward, pulsing out chakra, while simultaneously turning it into magnetic energy. If the amount of magnetic energy formed is enough to disrupt other such forces, this method can thusly be used to repel incoming attacks that are affected by such forces. This includes not only metal and iron weapons, but lightning as well.
It should be noted that when dealing with Raiton [ Lightning ] ninjutsu, you must release chakra equal to the amount used to perform the incoming attack, but no less than what is needed to perform this technique on its own.
( If an incoming lightning attack is B ranked, you must use [40] chakra. Adversely, if an incoming lightning attack is D ranked, you must use [20] chakra, as it is the minimal amount for this technique. )

Hagane Bunshin no Jutsu [ Iron Clone Technique ]
Rank C
After performing the needed handsigns, the user will create a powerful clone composed of their iron sand. Because of its composition, the clone is extremely durable, however, it is also slower than its creator. Unlike other clones, whence this one is created, the user can further mold it with another technique.
• Only one iron clone can be active at once.

» Hagane Bunshin Soujuu [ Iron Clone Manipulation ]
Rank D
Holding a single handsign, the user will meld an active iron clone, changing its overall appearance- limbs into weapons; a male figure into an animal; a female figure into plant life –most anything is possible. The only condition is that the clone retains its humanoid size.
• Must know [ Hagane Bunshin no Jutsu ] before learning this technique.

Satetsu Kesshuu [ Iron Sand Gathering Assault ]
Rank B
This technique gathers a great volume of iron sand and compresses it into a high-density shape. This greatly increases the hardness, creating a gigantic steel-like weapon in an instant. The weight and size of these shapes are so great, they can easily shatter bedrock and break through most defences with one hit.
Because the weapon is made out of iron sand, the shape can be whatever the user wants, and can even be changed during the fight. This allows the user to create the best weapon for the fight, by taking into account the opponent's abilities and the surrounding environment.

Satetsu Shigure [ Iron Sand Drizzle ]
Rank B
The user will levitate iron sand above their enemy, condensing it into small compact clumps, and then force it all to rain down on their target. Because the clumps are so compact, and the rate at which they fall is rather fast, enemies are far better off completely evading the attack, rather than attempting to defend against it.
Although described as a descending technique, one can manipulate the sand to fire from most any angle.

Satetsu Kyuu [ Iron Sand Coffin ]
Rank B
The user will force iron sand to crawl up on their target. The sand will then wrap up and around, until it fully encases the target. As the sand encloses, it will apply a crushing amount of pressure, more than capable of grinding bones. Although it is almost an assured hit after it makes contact, it is a rather slow technique.

» Satetsu Soushiki [ Iron Sand Funeral ]
Rank B
After the target is wrapped within [ Satetsu Kyuu ], the user is capable of performing this finishing technique. Rather than being performed by handsigns, the user will aim their hand at the target, and clench it into a fist. This signal forces the iron sand to tighten its grip, causing it to magnify to a powderizing pressure that leaves its victim a bloody and disorganized mess of flesh and liquid.
• Must know [ Satetsu Kyuu: Iron Sand Coffin ] before learning this technique.

Satetsu Omori no Jutsu [ Iron Sand Clog Technique ]
Rank B
A technique designed to utterly disable puppets during battle. Boasting their control over iron sand, the user will force up a small wave in order to slap and bind a ninja puppet. If successful, the user will then manipulate the sand so that it clogs and grinds against the puppet's hinges and joints, rendering it either crippled or completely useless.

Satetsu Rou [ Iron Sand Prison ]
Rank A
The user will manipulate a massive amount of iron sand, forcing it to form a huge airtight dome around an allotted area. The formation, density, and scope of the sand depend on the amount of chakra poured into it. One can fine-tune the sand's properties to the target's size and characteristics. No matter if the target is on the ground or flying in the air, it is almost impossible to escape from this technique.

Satetsu Shouheki [ Iron Sand Barrier ]
Rank A
The user pulls iron sand around them in a dome fashion, making use of a single handsign to make it harden in place, unfortunately, this means the user cannot move around with it. The barrier is able to withstand up to an S ranked amount of damage in total.

Satetsu Kaihou [ Iron Sand World Order ]
Rank A
This jutsu uses iron sand to create a gigantic sphere of branching spikes. The user creates two masses of iron sand with matching polarities and then merges them together. This causes the magnetic forces to instantly increase and the repellent force created by the two similar magnetic fields scatters the iron sand across a vast area.
The iron sand spreads in spikes that branch off irregularly, making it almost impossible to get a clear overview of what is happening. This also makes evading the spikes nearly impossible. Even if the opponent has managed to evade getting hit, the iron sand spikes will have filled the entire surroundings, cutting off any escape routes. With the opponent trapped, the user is free to attack in person.

Satetsu Taisou [ Iron Sand Imperial Funeral ]
Rank S
The user will lay their hands down on the ground, causing a well sized region ( 60 yard length ) in front of them to become laced with iron sand. The surfaces afflicted by the lace will attain a dark gray tint. While remaining in this position, the user will send surges of chakra through the sand, causing it to rise and fall as if tidal waves. Because of its iron composition, most anything caught within these waves is crushed or smothered to death.

Bakuton: Kure-Hoshuu Kuchi [ Explosive Release: Clay Mending Mouths ]
Rank: Attribute
Description: This style is what defines the Clay Method. It allows its users to feed their explosive chakra into the clay figures they create with their mending mouths ( which are typically located on the palms and near the center of the chest ). Although born into a method, a Bakuton user must better develop their particular attribute before progressing to more established techniques.
• Requires five (5) posts to learn.

Bakuton: Baku Tama [ Explosive Release: Explosive Bullets ]
Rank: E
Description: The user molds five small pellets of their explosive clay into their hands, adjusts them to his/her fingers, and then flings them off with necessary force. When the pellets make contact with a surface, each will create a minor explosion. Weak on their own, but powerful when used creatively.

Bakuton: C1 [ Explosive Release: C1 ]
Rank: D
Description: One of the most basic and versatile forms of explosive clay, created from a single palm mouth. The user creates small animated dolls, often resembling animals. Depending on the variation created, they will retain the abilities of the creatures they where modeled after. ( For example, those resembling birds can still fly, spiders can crawl and climb, etc. ) This feature combined with their minor yet still effective explosive power, makes them excellent for all sorts of operations.

Nendo Bunshin no Jutsu [ Clay Clone Technique ]
Rank: D
Description: Above all other clone techniques, this one functions with a powerful dual-role. It acts as a substitute and a trap for capturing the enemy. Made from clay, this clone can take attacks and capture the enemy by taking them into its own body. The clone shows its natural shape and gray color the instant it succumbs to an attack. When a weapon or limb makes contact, the clay will become more viscous, attempting to absorb and constrict the attacker. If exploding clay is added to the clone, it can be made to detonate after capturing its target. ( Please see Suicide Bombing Clone. )

Bakuton: Jibaku Bunshin [ Explosive Release: Suicide Bombing Clone ]
Rank: Passive
Description: A powerful addition made to the Clay Clone Technique. During the initial creation of the clone, the user will entrust it with explosive chakra, allowing it to detonate on command or after succumbing to an attack. The explosion made is not very wide, but rather focused, making it a prime choice of blast for captured targets. ( Each modified clone costs an additional [15] chakra to create. )
• Requires three (3) posts to learn.

Bakuton: Kibaku Mappa [ Explosive Release: Exploding Minion ]
Rank: C
Description: The user creates a clay model with no true features or characteristics; although the clay mass' details are controlled by the user, they are not typically crafted for aesthetics. Unlike clones, the clay body of the minion is capable of withstanding a moderate amount of abuse. The minion is controlled by a thin clay line that is created simultaneously with the minion itself. Unlike puppetry, no complex finger movements are needed to manipulate it, but also unlike puppetry, the line can be easily cut, rendering it useless. Additionally, at any given moment, the user can command the clay minion to detonate, forming a rather decent blast.

Bakuton: Tekidan Sanjaku [ Explosive Release: Grenade Belt ]
Rank: C
Description: The user creates a three foot length whip of clay with one easily gripped end. Although it can be hidden around the battlefield to be used as a sort of landmine, the whip is more commonly tossed at the desired target. If contact is properly made, the whip will wrap around the target and explode a few moments after.

Bakuton: C2 [ Explosive Release: C2 ]
Rank: B
Description: The user feeds a large amount of clay to their molding mouths, and a moderate amount of time ( 2 posts ) after, they regurgitate a massive puddle of gooey clay. With a string of handsigns, the puddle will fold in on itself multiple times until it takes the form of a large animal of the user's desire. More commonly, this technique is used to create great birds to allow easier travel. Unfortunately, this can also be a very careless move, as the clay used to create the animal is explosive. The explosion which they create directly relative to their size. However, the clay beasts can be controlled on their own, and do not necessarily need a rider.

Bakuton: Hedoro [ Explosive Release: Sludge ]
Rank: B
Description: The user feeds two lumps of clay to different mouths on their body and begin to form a short string of handsigns, which end on the rat sign. The clay will then seep from the mouths they were placed in, drooling across the ground until it makes contact with its target(s). Upon making contact, the clay will jump up and attempt to engulf the target. When the user releases the rat handsign, the nearly liquid clay will explode.

Bakuton: Kibaku Jirai [ Explosive Release: Exploding Landmine ]
Rank: B
Description: The user feeds a small amount of clay into one of their mouths and a few moments later it regurgitates a basketball sized circular contact-bomb. Each bomb will detonate when it comes into forceful contact with something. As such, they can either be tossed, or hidden underground to truly act as landmines. The explosions of these bombs aren't incredibly wide, rather are more focused and deadly at close range. ( Rather than costing [40] chakra to perform, each bomb made costs [20] chakra. )

Bakuton: C3 [ Explosive Release: C3 ]
Rank: A
Description: The user feeds a handful of clay to one of their molding mouths, and in a short amount of time ( 1 post ), it will regurgitate a moderately sized clay doll. The user will then toss or drop the clay doll onto their target, which will, while in midair, expand roughly ten times in size. Upon making contact with a surface, the doll will explode, creating a tremendous blast capable of taking huge chunks out of forests.

Bakuton: C4 [ Explosive Release: C4 ]
Rank: S
Description: The user creates a massive clone of his/herself which is full of a special mixture of explosive chakra and clay. When the clone punctures, it will release a dim gray cloud of microscopic bombs. If the cloud is taken into the body in any way, the bombs will slowly travel into the victim's body, where they will await their command to detonate. Unlike other techniques, this one is performed by the user consuming clay with their own mouth.

Bakuton: C0 [ Explosive Release: C0 ]
Rank: Forbidden :: S
Description: The user feeds all remaining clay he/she possesses to the largest mouth on their body, and thoroughly chews and entrusts it with at least [500] chakra. Rather than the enhanced clay being spat out, it is retained in the body, where it will seep through the veins. The user's very skin will then begin to crack, as if rustling with power. At the user's command, or after an extended period ( 5 posts ), the user him/herself will explode. The blast created from this suicide technique consumes everything within a 100 yard radius.
• Forbidden techniques require twenty (20) posts to learn and do not receive learning reductions.

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