Website Traffic - Would you like to increase traffic to your site? Listed here are 3 SEO strategies that you should use:

Go For Short And Sweet URLs

A short URL allows your readers to know what your page is approximately by simply looking at it. In addition to this, a short URL makes it easy for people to copy and paste it on social networking sites. This is particularly important for sites such as Twitter, which limit the quantity of words that you can write. When individuals are able to share your content easily, you have a enhance in the number of people visiting your site.

In addition to making certain your URL is short and sweet, you also need to include your target keyword. To the search engines to rank your internet site higher.

Make Use of Headings

You can find four main forms of headings that you can use: H1, H2, H3, and H4

H1: contains the most important information. As general guideline it should highlight your most significant information.

H2: this one contains secondary content such the various sections of a page

H3: oahu is the subheading of secondary content for example broken-up pieces of a section

H4: that's where you put anything else that could be of importance to the content that you will be sharing.

There are many benefits that include organizing your content. One of many benefits is that you ensure that Google is able to browse the most important information and knows things to rank your page for. When you have only one or two headings you'll most likely confuse the search engines thus they won't understand what to rank you for.

Improve your Site's Speed

Were you aware that the speed of your website influences your ranking in the search results? If your site is slow many people won't visit it thus your impressions will be low hence your ranking is going to be low. As guideline you should strive to boost the speed of your site. It is likely that there is a lot of information online on the things that you should do to improve the speed of your site.