brisbane infusionsoft consultant - As an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant (ICC), I spend the higher part of my day in Infusionsoft applications. I'm either building out new application or maintaining the uses of clients or myself. Being mindful of this I encounter nuances within the software every day. These aren't problems or bugs - you should know by now that I think this software totally rocks. Instead they may be little things that be more difficult to call tech support about rather than actually receive the reply to. But they are pretty big deal when you are focused on the best end product possible not forgetting trying to stay efficient and "get it right the very first time" so you can "set it and end up forgetting it". Here is a list of some of the more common nuances and how to work with them to be able to avoid glitches and save your time.

Always use Firefox when employed in your Infusionsoft application. Nowadays, I am finding that the internet browsers Internet Explorer and Chrome are operating more consistently than Firefox, however when it comes to working in your Infusionsoft application, endure Firefox and use it constantly. To be clear: you can use IE to operate in your Infusionsoft application. However, all the programming tied to Infusionsoft works via Firefox - not necessarily true via IE (plus it doesn't work at all via Chrome yet). With an example, see the next tip.

Alt codes fail to work when created using your IE browser. Should you prefer a trademark symbol within an HTML email for a web form, you can create one via the alt code "ALT0153" (this is simply not Infusionsoft specific - this is the general Alt code for ?). If you prep an HTML email within your Infusionsoft application using the IE browser and you type in the trademark alt code, the ? WILL show up in the drag and drop builder. HOWEVER, the conclusion product WILL NOT be a ? - it'll be a series of symbols which can be 110% NOT what you wanted turning up in an email. Setup (or edit) the identical EMAIL logged in via Firefox and you'll not have this problem after entering the alt code.

Usually do not copy paste an HTML email in to the HTML email builder. I once had a client do this recently and then he spent a lot of time trying to edit and connect the formatting with the email he was wanting to build. I had to break it to him - it couldn't be saved - scrap it and start over. It seems like a simple way to prep an email, but it turns into a hot mess fast. Try taking some extra time and prep it properly. That leads me to my next tip...

Place your copy into a text software before pasting it in to the HTML email builder. Microsoft Word copy LOOKS perfectly plain text - nevertheless it isn't. When you copy/paste copy from Word in your Infusionsoft application you will often find formatting "off" and symbols will change form. For example, apostrophes turn into question marks. When you have copy prepped in a Word doc, copy and paste it into something such as Notepad and then copy paste into your Infusionsoft email builder following that.