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The WWE pre-recorded their weekly "WWE Smackdown" television show on June 4. The show featured Daniel Bryan, as he continues to prove he is not the weak link and main events once again. Here is a look at the "WWE Smackdown" spoilers.

My father was right, Mickey Mantle was an excellent ballplayer. He had a WWE season in 1956 and finished his career with over 500 home runs. Taking a look at his accomplishments and career stats, I think the biggest knock on Mantle is that he played too long. He was pretty much washed up after 1964, and his low batting average in the years that followed would end up pulling his career batting average below .300. The Mick also didn't drive in a lot of runs for a slugger, reaching the 100 RBI milestone in just 4 of his 18 seasons (DiMaggio did it 9 times in 13 seasons and averaged 143 RBI over a 162 game season).

Many of the horses in the contenders list are from well-known farms and have acclaimed trainers. However, unlike many Kentucky-oriented Derby contenders, Orb is part of California's horse racing industry. For this reason, the lesser-known Country Life Farm in Bel Air is excited to see if Orb can land their facility on the map by winning the 2013 Kentucky Derby.

Would have been a nice match if WWE didn't go to a commercial for 5 minutes during the tag-team title match. Santino hits "the cobra" on Husky Harris and gets the pin. Immediately after the bell, Randy Orton comes out and RKO's Nexus. He goes to give the boot to Husky but CM Punk comes out on the ramp and tells him not to. Randy lands the big kick and the rest of Nexus chases him off through the crowd. Husky is out cold. The fans love it.

After a quick video for the upcoming debut of Mexican superstar Sin Cara, the WWE Divas were up next. Hometown girl Kaitlyn was set for a one-on-one match with Layla, who had Michelle McCool in her corner as usual. This was back and forth for several minutes before Layla slammed the door on Kaitlyn's offense and picked up the win. After the victory, Layla and McCool put the boots to Kaitlyn and celebrated in the riing. Kaitlyn had to be helped to the back by WWE officials.

I don't have much time for the argument that modern wrestling is terrible. It's not true. There's some bad stuff and some great stuff. As for which there are more of, it waxes and wanes almost on a week to week basis. Also, there is absolutely no difference between wrestling and sports entertainment. I'll have a full column on that one day, but there isn't, so get over it. Hornswaggle isn't an example of sports entertainment, he's an example of Vince McMahon's infantile sense of humor. Santino was a funny heel, but really needs to go away now. There's no topping the honk-a-meter.

Cool Tech Gadgets As each wrestling new generation grows they are on the cutting edge of technology. Today, computers and gadgets are big in a teen's life and there are plenty of gadgets available for gifts.

As for the rest of SmackDown, pushing Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan would be solid for the brand. Two great wrestlers who can put on high quality matches for the next few weeks is a win for the wrestling fans and the WWE. Hopefully, they can find a meaningful feud for Sin Cara too because the fans aren't buying the one with Chavo as nobody thinks Chavo will win.