Upon first glance, it's easy to see that that LG F7250T isn't just a regular phone. The design looks like something out of a spaceship, which isn't as geeky as it sounds. In fact, the design, almost like a squared off teardrop, is unique, cool and intriguing all at once. The large external display (more on that later) is surrounded by a black shell which is framed with a grey, almost titanium, color.

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You can also talk to another person within the house using DECT phones, rather like a walkie talkie device. Battery life will depend on the amount of money you spend on the phone. More expensive handsets allow you to talk for around eight hours with a single charge up. When not in use, the handsets can retain a charge for around 100 hours. Most DECT phones have a battery alert device that signals when battery power is low.

The best time walkie talkie invention to stop and purchase food drinks and beer is before you get anywhere close to the track itself. Some tracks are located in dry counties so beer would not be an option at all. Prices are jacked up the closer to the track you are so stop farther away.

This cost seemed slightly high when looking and comparing to some invention of the walkie talkie the cheaper models out there on the market, but the benefits seemed worth it to our family.

Now I wouldn't go running immediately to Target if I were any walkie talkie inventor you. A deal like this doesn't come once a month, you know. Also, don't just start asking if you can buy any and all electronics on display. You'll end up very disappointed when you're given a resounding "no" followed by a request to leave the store. What you should do, however, is constantly keep your eyes open for these opportunities. When they do come, be sure to grab that warranty. I know I'll be happy I did in about six months when this thing shorts out on me.