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Boys, Band, and Books, the Life and Times of a Teenage Band Nerd
What happens during the day (because I will never post on the internet what happens at night)
I hate my dad...
Guess what pissed me off today?

My dad, my sister and I were sitting at a Sonic when my dad desides that it would be funny to mess with my hair, I tell him several times (very forcefully) to stop, he does not, he thinks that it's funny and claimes that my hair is "his".


Anyway, i am really moody right now because i just broke up with person A (for those of you who read my previous journals) and I AM NOT IN THE MOOD FOR MY DAD TO BE MESSING WITH ME, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE INVADES MY PERSONAL SPACE AND TOUCHES ME WHEN I TELL HIM NOT TO.

I was so pissed that I could hardly speak.
So pissed in fact, that I started crying. This in turn embaressed me and made me cry more. This is the fourth time something like this has happened. And then, he asked me why I was crying! Well, gee dad, it may be your stench, or the fact that you are touching my hair when I am yelling at you not to! Yea, yelling. I think he's deaf as well as blind, BESIDES being a pervert.

I started crying at the Sonic. I think that the boy who gave us our food was a little concerned.

We had to drop my sister off for an event that she was going to with her band. On the way back to the highway to go home, he asks if I have my learners permit. I said yes because i always have it with me. Then he asks if i want to drive. MY EYES ARE STILL RED FROM CRYING AT THIS POINT. Like HELL I am going to drive with you in the passenger seat because i don't trust your lily-white, perverted a**!

Of course I didn't tell him any of this, I just said that I did not feel like driving today and kept my nose stuck in a book.

He's a God-damn COP for crying out loud! Don't they have a rule that says "Don't abuse your children with unwanted touching."

Please comment.

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gallows humour
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue May 23, 2006 @ 02:39am
I don't think that he sees that as counting. Yes, it's obvious that your father is insensitive. I got equally pissed when my mother said my teeth were hers until I turned 21, which was not true. You belong to yourself, no matter who says what. No matter what the law says. You know what is true. I understand very deeply. Not only were you bothered, but you were already in a heightened state of sensitivity for your recent ordeal. How much have you actually driven at this point?

Did you like my rendition of gaudeamus this afternoon? I'm such a pimp. Akash was talking and Mr. Langvardt yells "quiet", and I say, "Okay" and Akash and I are both quiet. And he's like "not you". Yes, I'm a pimp... hee hee...

Where do you live, Morgan? You want me to visit you?

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