Hello everyone smile So...today's Victoria day which means I didn't have to go to school! Woot? No woot. I would much rather have gone to school today because my day has pretty much sucked so far. I wake up, take a shower, brush my teeth, get breakfast, hop on the compy for 4+ hours, playing with my bestest friend in the whole wide world and now I'm here smile Ok...it really hasn't sucked as much as i thought, but it could definately be better. I'm hoping someone will call and take me somewhere, but that won't happen because they're all snuggly snuggly in their little cottages...I HATE YOU ALL!!! >.< (you know who you are too -.-) Expect payback when i see you again. ANYWAYS! This is kinda depressing because this is the first inactive Vicky Day. I should be somewhere, firing fireworks at people...*sighs* i guess there's no sense whining about the whole thing so i'm is gonna stop. Now...I would like to talk about prom. A 4-letter word that meant nothing to me up until last month >.> I'm still fighting with myself about whether or not I should go. There are a bunch of things to think about, like my date, my tux, how i'm going to get there, etc. The date part is a bit hard because the person I want to take doesn't live around me and probably doesn't think much about me anyways. As for the tux, those things cost money, which isn't really a problem for me unless I have to buy a brand new one...and that's not happening. Some people might be ok with buying a $1000 dress or tux and wear it once during their entire lives, but not me. $1000 could throw a pretty good party mrgreen lol. Anyways, I'm done. Kinda busy with other stuff *nods* I'll prolly leave more stuff later on, but iunno. Bye byes everyone! *waves*

-Kuri <3

Songs I'm listening to atm: Billy Talent - Billy Talent