roofing repair contractor in Boulder - When the weather in Colorado is stunning and everything is calm, decisions are simple to make. But when the weather condition is awful and the electrical energy heads out, this is another story completely. This is no time at all to be making crucial choices. Rather, it's time to implement proper plans that you considered when everything was calm and the weather was nice. If your roof has actually been damaged due to a fallen tree, tree branch or limb, instant action is necessary because the stability of the whole structure could be affected.

Rarely do we have twisters in Boulder Colorado but we do have them in the surrounding areas of Boulder County and Denver County. In this case, roofs will certainly be damaged by high winds and particles hitting the roof. The very first thing you have to determine is if electrical power lines are down on your roof or in your backyard. If they are, exercise SEVERE care. Stay away from them and keep everyone away from them. The very best thing to do is call 911 and notify them so they can contact the correct authorities immediately. Downed power lines are categorized as an emergency scenario.

The majority of the emergencies we encounter included too much snow accumulating on trees near a home which causes the tree limbs to snap. When this occurs you will typically hear a significant thud when it crashes onto the roof. The first thing to do is get all relative and pets far from that area of your house. Outfit yourself accordingly, flashlight in hand, and go outside and check it out. Once again you will certainly check for downed power lines, same procedure as above. Do not get on a ladder and do not consider getting on the roofing system. From the ground you are going to be looking for any holes in the side of the house or damaged windows. Structural damage can occur if the tree that has fallen is of substantial size. If there's no significant structural damage you can use plastic and duct tape to cover holes or damaged windows that are safely accessible up until the storm is over. It is best to do just is definitely essential up until the weather condition has passed. Keep in mind that Boulder Colorado has somewhat mild winter seasons and the weather usually goes back to those conditions reasonably fast.

When you have determined that there are no life threatening conditions but you understand a tree is lying on the roofing system you will need to make 3 telephone call.

1. your local Boulder roof business

2. your regional Boulder tree removal company

3. your house owner's insurance declares department

Emergency Roof Products

Here is a fundamental list of products to be utilized up until your roofing contractor appears:

plastic sheeting

duct tape

bungee cords

2 x 4's.




All minor repair works can be achieved by many property owner's with these basic products and products. It can not be stressed enough to wait up until the weather is favorable to do most outside home repair work activities including your roofing.