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Earth. In a distant future there's a city in the sky named Heaven by the men and women that built it. In days long gone this sky high piece of paradise was the jewel of a nation, the first of many of it's kind. Other countries made their versions of Heaven and it was just a matter of time until the skies of Earth were plagued by the pollution of this cities, those bellow cursed to be haunted by their shadow as they grew in number.

Meanwhile in the sky cities themselves time and the hand of man took it's toll. Some would fare better than others but Heaven was lost. A place for crime to thrive on either by the hands of criminal organizations or it's own corrupt government, both controlled by E.A.G.L.E. a ruthless military agency and now the true ruler. It became so powerful that it's influence soon spread across the other sky cities, now most of them under it's control and what's left of the Earth bellow has no option but to bend the knee.

Monday Delirium
Community Member
Interview with Natasha from Skin Tyte

It's a beautiful, sunny May evening when I met Natasha for the interview.
We sit outside of the Sveet Bluuwd Cafe (that's how the owner pronounce the name of the establishment) in Durem, which is pretty empty as it seems it's usual crowd seems to dislike sunny days.
Silly goths.

Me: Thank you for meeting me for a chat!

Natasha: No problem. Devin always says I should spend some time out of the shop for a change.

Me: Do you feel you're spending too much time in the tattoo parlor?

Natasha: Nope! Love it there but if it gets Devin to stop nagging me, guess I'll have to do some open air tattoos.

Me: Huhh.... That's a very big needle you're pulling out of that toolbox...

Natasha: Oh, don't be a cry baby. It barely stings and you won't bleed much.

Me: Wait, I really, really don't want a tattoo. This was suppose to just be about asking you some questions, having some coffee and then part ways.

Natasha: (visibly disappointed) Well, that's no fun!

Me: So you were talking about Devin. How did you meet?

Natasha: Oh, man! I have no idea.

Me: That's odd...

Natasha: Nahh, it's just one of those things that happens, you know? We met and we hang out a lot and when I decided I wanted to open my own joint and do some piercings on other people for a change and some practice tattooing people as well it just made sense.
I knew Devin was the artsy type and he had tons of experience with this sort of stuff, so I asked him to jump on board.

Plus, I had no money and Devin knows people EVERYWHERE, so having him around made it easier to open the place.

Me: That sounds just swell! Did he come up with the potions and chemicals you've been selling for a while? You know, the ones that mutate the users and often change not only their appearance but also their species?

Natasha: No, not at all. We buy those from reliable supplier which provides us only safe to use stuff so we can appeal to our more dedicated body mod clients.

Me: A very satisfied clientele, I'm sure. May I ask whom supplies your potions and formulas?

Natasha: Well it's all G-Lab stuff. Devin knows a guy, that knows a guy who works there. I've heard they supplied the stuff to other people directly but I guess it's safer if this kind of thing is sold and applied by trained professionals.

Me: Awesome! Does that mean you and Devin had a training?

Natasha: Totally! The lab guy who taught us was kind of nervous but it's actually super easy stuff. You just don't mix it up so you don't get something like a centaur orcs with angel imp wings and you make sure you don't give too much of any of any of them in order to avoid stuff like vampires that sparkle too much or grombies that hug to hard.
There were some video instructions but both Devin and I ended up falling asleep whenever the lab dude tried to make us watch it.

Me: Did the G-Lab staff also trained you to perform the nose and ear modifications you provide?

Natasha: Nah, dude. That's all practice! We kept doing those till we got them right

Me: I guess that explains the elklings with four ears...

Natasha: We started a trend! People came to get their two pairs for the price of one!
We got good though. At least I don't remember you complaining about your nose!

Me: Fantastic! Last question: You often advertise you have 12 piercings that the person/ people you are talking to at the time and I quote "can't even see right now".
May I ask...

Natasha: No.

Me: Thank you for your time!

(Note: All attempts to ask not only Natasha but many of the local Duremites about the fact an angry, evil, moon God's path of destruction through town have been ignored, shrugged of or answered with a mumbled "oh, I hadn't noticed..." and so all mentioning of the fact was removed from the above interview.

Sveet Bluuwd was one of the many local businesses reduced to cinders in the weeks that followed. I checked with the owner after the fact and his reply was "it's okay, I was planning to go on a vacation anyway"

Additionally, my nose is 100% natural and any accusations of it being the result of a nose job are complete slander!


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