>Candy Crush Saga - In the beginning there was Angry Birds, and then something called Candy Crash Saga showed up. Pretty soon thousands if not millions of people were tapping and swiping away at their tablet devices and smart phones, trying to row up lines of candies and jelly beans to "crush" them. How is it exactly that a game like this became so popular, and what is its appeal? Well, there is certainly a lot of debate about the subject, but everyone can agree that Candy Crush Saga is still as popular as ever.

The Devious Design

The thing with this game is that, while you can download and play it for free, there is a plan worked into the system to tempt you to pay for certain things like special bonus items. This is mainly because the game is highly addictive, and as you gain experience and go up in level, you will find it a lot harder to play. Those amazing candy popping skills that you initially thought you had start to weaken when everything is moving so fast. At this point you get that tempting desire to buy credits and other bonus items. This is how this game rakes in money while remaining "free", and it is a marketing tactic that has worked remarkably well.