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You can find various means to make money online and affiliate marketing is only one of them. Niche affiliate marketing, when done correctly, can be an extremely lucrative way of earning money online. Internet expert will tell you as truly one of the greatest methods to earn money, online affiliate marketing might be a means to make easy money. Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way for small sellers that are on-line to make extra cash, it is also a good method to seek out valuable content to give to your own prospective buyers. You can often locate Free or very low-cost information to give to your prospects, this establishes trust in the relationship as you do not want to simply SELL, SELL, SELL. To have true prospects that turn into customers you need to give value. The 1 in 3 rule is generally used here, for example one is an offer the other two could be valuable content for free, or at least low-cost.