thailand trip advisor - Thailand is an Asian country that used to be Siam, but is now an independent country that has borders with many other Asian countries, including Malaysia, Cambodia and Burma. The capital of the nation is Bangkok, which is a great fusion of all things that one could look for when seeking to feel the country, because it is both modern and traditional and contains Eastern and Western influences there, which blend harmoniously.

Within the capital, you can visit the biggest crocodile farm in the world therefore stand up close and private with one of the leading hunters of nature. You should without a doubt visit the famous floating market of Bangkok though if you take either a day trip there, or stay in the area. You have to do this by boat, and can pick up a large variety of items, before heading off down some of the branching off canals if you wish to. These 'klongs', as they are known in the community, have houses lined up over the sides of those, so that you can see some typical Thai sites that relate with the residents of the country. Siam Ocean World, in Bangkok, is also a good site and allows you to swim with sharks and makes sure that you happen to be safe doing so. This can be a real experience, so if you are a nature lover and like swimming, take on the challenge, it is also a nice break if you are there on a hot day. Finally, within the centre there is also another tourist attraction which you will love; Journey for the Enchanted Kingdom of Thailand will teach you all about the culture of the area and provide you with an actual education, through some fantastic performances.