Dynam Hawksky Plug and Play V2

Beginner RC Airplane

- The Dynam Hawksky V2 is the top beginner airplane you can buy. Why does one inquire? First, the Dynam HawkSky V2 is made from EPO foam, EPO foam is a foam made for radio controlled airplanes where a few crashes can be taken by the EPO before it breaks. Simple foam safe glue is all that's required to repair your HawkSky V2 in the event that you do possess a tough crash. One other amazing feature that makes this a beginner RC plane is the back mounted prop. A back mounted prop empowers hard landings without busting the prop. The Hawksky V2 comes nearly assembled and just a beginner should take no more than thirty minutes to assemble. Looking to find a spot to fly an RC airplane with zero wind is very difficult, and this is why a larger sized beginner plane including the HawkSky V2 is better. There is a saying flies that are bigger, in the RC world better, and this is extremely true with the Dynam Hawksky V2, it is quite a bit larger then the ultra micros. Where the Dynam Hawksky V2 is quite easy to fly, the ultra micros are extremely difficult to fly. The Dynam Hawksky V2 is a 4 channel airplane. The 4 channels are ailerons, throttle, rudder, and elevator. Also they are harder to fly especially in windy conditions, although other beginner planes are 3 channel where you really do not fully understand the way to fly. The HawkSky has 4 channels which makes it simple to maneuver for beginners. The greatest advantage to Hawksky V2 to other similar models is this model uses 9 gram servos. Servos control the plane and cheaper versions use 7 g - 8.4 g servos which are less strong and could over heat when flying. They Hawksky V2 has bigger and more powerful servos which gives you power needed to control your electric airplane.

The Hawksky V2 has a FPV design canopy which makes adding any design of camera quite simple as you become more comfortable flying your plane that is electrical. Because the canopy on the plane is clear, straight and you are able to choose to not install the canopy mount a FPV camera for this electrical airplane an affordable aerial photography platform. The Dynam Hawksky V2 is considered a powered electrical glider, so adding any kind of camera that was small is going to be easy and simple for practically any beginner. When buying its best, this beginner electric airplane to get 2 extra batteries so you can completely enjoy your flying. When flying any airplane, the Center of Gravity is crucial to get correct. So venture out there now and purchase your Dynam Hawksky V2 and remember your additional spare batteries plus some replacement parts.