I was sitting down alone in the metro the other day and I started thinking, how many times have I sat down in a restaurant bitching about my sorry excuse of a life to my friends? More than I count or would dare to name!
It brings me to the subject "Cheer up, the worst is yet to come!" strange enought, those lines make me think of the story of my life! I'm sure some of you feel the same!
Lets see, have you ever have one of those days? You know, the ones where you wake up late and don't have time to eat or shower because you want to get to school/work on time. You get there late none the less and your teacher/boss screams at you and sends you to work with a glare...but its just the morning! There is a pile of work waitting for you, the people you work with are in a bad mood for some reason, you forgot your smokes at home and no one will give you one and you haven't so much as seen coffee all day! To make things worse, when you get out of work, your friends are too busy to see you or spend time hanging out, your wallet is too empty to buy much needed smokes and coffee (or what ever else you use to relax) and when you get home, you get yelled at for no reason.
I've had those...more than I can remember! So here is my own way to fix them! First, you are going to be screamed at any way so you might as well eat and have coffee and make sure you have your things before leaving! When your boss screams...make up a nice white lie about feeling sick and coming to work any way! Take the work easy, its still going to be there tomorrow! Do what you must not more than you should! Don't get upset about your friends lack of support, make time for yourself by walking around and pretending to be a hot tourist out for a walk in a new town! Last, when you head to bed that night, remember that it doesn't matter how bad things might have been...tomorrow could be (ok will be) worse and you'll walk right by it!
Remember, cheer up, the worst is yet to come so the little problems of the moment are so not important!