build a vape - what exactly is e cigarette? - what's vaping?

Since we known, health e-cigarettes structure contain, tobacco rod (battery), e liquid consisting of three parts, of segmentation, course and suction battery and nozzle.Everybody is very curious about the 3 most is how to work? Let everyone at ordinary times on lighting the cigarette to the civilized environmental protection e-cigarette now?

The very first structure of health e cigarette: atomizer

E cigarettes atomizer is among the core of e-cigarettes, it is good or bad directly change the taste and flavor of liquid atomization out smoke.Atomizer structure is actually a heating components, from the battery heating, make its e liquid volatilization, next to the formation of smoke.Around the guide oil cotton resistance wire variety of turns and the quantity of capacity to smoke electronic cigarettes, the greater the voltage or the higher the resistance the lesser the relative out smoke.New SURPASS series e cigarettes day strength, substantial amount of smoke, tend not to leak, avoid high temperature working condition to create harmful gases.And will replace the atomization core, convenient and concise unpick and wash, make e cig more durable.

E cigarette's second structure: e cigarette battery

Health electric cigarette can be called e cigarette battery, internal mainly features a light-emitting diodes (leds), PCBA board, rechargeable batteries, all kinds of electronic circuits.Its main role is in the procedure of smoking induced air-flow and secondary battery discharge power, will e liquid atomization, e-cigarette butt department LED red glow at the same time, the simulation in the sense of smoking.Is unique on different tobacco

rod structure, usage is different also, ego battery series more, likewise have with leds and without, you need to carefully look at the instructions when utilizing, or ask the seller clear before use.