Aviation - There are many reasons people want to be aviators. Some choose to eventually become pilots as a vocation choice, while for the others there's the sheer enjoyment of soaring high above all of it. Whatever your reason behind becoming a pilot, there are measures you have to go through to be certified to fly that includes qualifying, coaching, instruction and certification.

To being a pilot, the first step is currently deciding what type of traveling you will be doing, which will determine what level of pilot license you will need. There are 4 basic types of pilot's licenses:

Recreational Aviator: Licences: a pilot to soar with family and friends aboard, but only inside the state of issuance.

Private Aviator: Fly valid all around the globe, although just with family and friends aboard.

Business Pilot: Allows the holder to fly large jet aircraft commercially, but never as a skipper.

Airline Transport Pilot: Permits the licensee to soar plane for a living any place in the world, and comprises the certification to fly jets as Captain.

Aside from the class of pilot license, there may also be additional qualifications needed depending upon the kind of aircraft the pilot will travel