(news will give you an idea on what is currently happening in the present)

Graham leaned over his desk and sighed. The paperwork was high, and the workload was tiring. But still, he knew that it was all worth it. It was for the money. Sweet, sweet, money. Money is power.
Graham walked over to his window, which was quite a high view from the floor he was on. Perhaps by taking in the scenery he could muster up the strength to finish his work.

not long after he looked out the window, however, did a sharp object seemed to appear from his gut. he could hear the quiet whisper of the word "sinner" from behind him before this object retracted through the way it came in. Whatever life Graham had before that was stamped out by the only other person in the room with him.

*5 hours later, In Billy B.s Bar*

"A man by the name of Graham Errol has been murdered in the structure known as the GMC, known for hiring mercenaries to people in need. Before reaching Graham, the intruder had fought with security and the other employees on the first floor of the building. 6 victims where accounted altogether, each victim showing cuts or stab wounds from a small weapon. Investigators, hired by Graham's most loyal employees, are on the scene and are looking for evidence. It has been noted that half of Graham's staff members want revenge for what took place, but it is uncertain whether they plan to continue running GMC or disband the company. And that's all the news we have for today! I'm Jill-*

*the TV is turned off*

"Ain't nothin' useful on TV is there?" The costumer took a big swig of his drink. "He was already dead, talkin' bad 'bout them people. And them mercenaries didn't do nothing but made it worse."

everyone in the bar sat in silence, just letting the idea sink in. "GMC was bad for their business. Course if it were up to me, i'd still hang 'em...."

Billy B approached the customer. "I sense some bad blood between you and the cult."

The strange fellow took another gulp. "They act like they follow god...but they want to kill us all..." his grip on the bottle tightend, only for a brief second. "I just don't agree with them, is all...."

(will be working on this again!)