evowpthemes.net - The benefits: It is entirely free, no hidden charges, taxes or fees whatsoever,. That's the best thing about this. Availability is no problem because free WordPress themes are all over the internet so there are many to choose from. Since they are open source, it has fewer features so it's easier to install and make use of and the good thing is it doesn't require any programming skills.

Configuring the theme however may require you to have a minimum of a small amount of knowledge in the basic fundamentals of web programming, no worries though, it's pretty easy considering that the complexity of more dynamic and complex features usually are not present. You can also try as many designs as you want since you don't must concern yourself with the price.

The disadvantages: As what was stated earlier, free themes are all over the internet therefore making it common to many. You could have the same theme with several sites. One more thing is, the developer doesn't hold the responsibility to provide you with an update or upgrade in your chosen theme so you will find a insufficient support from them unless they have got serious amounts of spare for you personally. In addition there are some instances where free themes contain viruses or bugs that may cause lots of harm to your website so you need to be extra cautious along with your choices. Some of them also provide poor code practices. It is actually created by developers who wished to practice their skills or because they wanted to build up their portfolios as well as links.