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It opens into a city where the people are just beginning to wake from their slumber ready to start their day. The men get ready for work as the woman prepare the morning meal for their husband and children.

As soon as the men are off to work the women open their windows and wish everyone that pass by a good morning. Other women ready their carts with things to sell in the market. While others worked as Smith's, barber's, cook's, clerks, etc- while others worked as gypsies.

You could hear the rushing of footsteps going from every direction. Everything around everyone becoming so busy so quickly. As you look closely to the feet of the city folk you notice paws sprinting after someone as she barked, "Bark! Bark!" A whistle was heard and the dog speed fast to it's owner, "Hurry Nova!" A woman voice spoke out while she ran with others to the center of the market place. Soon music began to play in the middle of the market which got the attention of many new comers that had just arrived at the city, or have arrived from last night ship that docked at the harbor.

As the music started to play, someone suddenly jumps into the center which got many to exclaimed in awed at the beautiful woman before them. Then quickly as she appeared she began to dance to the beat of the music getting the attention of everyone around them getting them to cheer and applaud at her skills as dancer. "BELLA! Gorgeous! Absolutely breathtaking!" Many shouted and cheered for the mysterious dancer.

Just as the musicians were getting to the end of the song they heard a whistle which was a sign that the knights heard word of the gypsies making disturbance at the center of the city once again. One of the gypsy fellows stood up and began to shout out, "Everyone cheer and applaud to the beautiful of gypsy women! ROSA!" The people began to cheer more and more and became more rowdy as they blocked the knights path to them. Then quickly the music came at an end as Rosa did her ending flip routine that made every wowed and awed.

Other gypsies went to the people asking for money for the performance after their show and everyone either handed them coins or through them to Rosa and even other gift such as flowers, and even a beautiful silky scarf that Rosa had caught in her hand. "Thank you everyone! Thank you! Sadly it is time for us to go, but until our next show! You'll never know when we'll appear!" Then a gypsy fellow heard shouting and Rosa noticed it too as she saw the knights pushing the villagers out of the way to get through.

"Hey! You damn gypsy's! We've got you this time! Ya thieves!" A knight shouted. "Are cue to go- you know where to meet Rosa," The male gypsy fellow said to her as he threw something on the floor that exploded in a puff of purple smoke. "Oh no you don't! You won't get away this time! GOT YOU!" One knight reached thinking he had grabbed the arms of Rosa, but as the smoke faded he noticed it was an older woman, which made the old lady blush and giggle. The villagers laughed and the knight went red like a tomato and roared angry, "DAMN YOU GYPSIES!!! Don't just stand there you idiots! Go get them!!" He ordered letting the other knights go on the search for the gypsies.

Rosa and her dog, Nova, headed in another direction then what she was told. She had no option since there were so many Knights blocking the area. "We'll have to go through the graveyard to take the trail back to the caravan," She said to her 4 legged friend. Nova barked softly as she agreed with Rosa. Rosa continued to run being careful that there was no Knight in sight, and that she wouldn't bump into any accidentally either. But you know, faith can be quite interesting and unexpected sometimes.


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