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Motorola won't reveal the Moto X's off-contract pricing - not yet, anyway - which results in us with a $199 on-contract mid-range device. That's unfortunate as the Moto X would've been recently better served by way of a price of $99, an average MSRP for a mid-range device. Oh nicely. Since Motorola's positioned its hero gadget in the large leagues, ostensibly forcing customers to select between it and likewise priced mega mobile phones - the GS4 and HTC One - here's how that rivalry shakes down.

I love the Moto X. I really, really do. It's the smartest intelligent object I'm currently carrying on my individual and I'm too used to that Active Screen to calmly resume lifetime with my DNA. That affinity, however, doesn't necessarily mean I'd buy it if given the chance. The price is simply too darn higher for what's android phones verizon on offer. In a market where mobile phones with higher-res displays, greater storage and faster processors certainly are a mouse click apart for $199, the Moto X just can't compete.

Cell carriers are changing the overall game too, thanks in huge part to the T-Mobile Leap program, which allows customers to enhance their smartphone every six months. AT&T Next and Verizon Edge will soon provide similar (albeit more expensive) offerings, with upgrade eligibility that comes once per year. Even Sprint is doing its spend the Unlimited, My Way , which claims unlimited data for life. Whether you're looking to get a new handset right away, or you're merely evaluating your options, Engadget's smartphone buyer's guide may be the definitive resource for finding the very best smartphones available today. We'll be here when you're ready.