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Name: Levi Tahashi kirito Kora ichigo mizaku Hanoirai Kazuto
Age: ?
Persona: Shy, nice, compassionate, heroic, generous, gentlemen, strong,loyal, fun, emo
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2years after birth-His parents died in a car wreck.
3years after birth-His twin brother and him got lost in a mystical forest. His brother was attacked by a wolf, in that same forest Levi was cursed for eternity. Although he was granted immortality,he can still die several ways
4years ago to present-his curse is getting worse and all he wants is to be "normal" even though he knows its impossible, a cursed,disgraceful,hideous, monster... Yet so kind and fradgile, Could anyone save him? Or even like him!? Maybe there was a chance to him...with his new friend and all....
Curse "powers"
Eyes-different colors/change/two tone
Powers-controls elements,invisibility, can make things/heal things with elemental items like water,flying,shape shifting
Wings- has a demon and angel wing
Curse curse- he randomly changes into a fox/wolf
The mistress- she finds him as a puppy and adopts him, but she's only a few years older than him and his charms struck her heart
The friend- she accepts his flaws and wants to show him the world
The other friend- she trys to find a bad boy in Levi even though its impossible- or is it?
The cursed girl- she feels lost and betrayed by everyone but Levi, she knows everyone is trying to change Levi but she wants to accept him for him
The baby/pup- she's a cursed kid who changes to a wolf too, Levi acts as if she's his little sister or own kid