The Basics

Full name: Luna Amaris

Birthday: July 20th

Height: 5' even

Eye color: light blue

Skin tone: very pale/porcelain

Hair color: white

Sexuality biggrin emisexual (attracted to people after forming an emotional/romantic bond)

Physical traits and appearance

Luna typically prefers to dress in layers of clothing. This is because she is used to colder climates (it's freezing in outer space), her skin is fairly sensitive to the sun, and also because she is very self conscious about her body. Her favorite colors to wear are pink and lighter shades of blue. She doesn't like standing out too much, so she usually tries to avoid anything that could draw too much attention. Her hair is very long, reaching to the small of her back. She doesn't often do much with it aside from the regular maintenance of washing and brushing it, though occasionally she'll braid it. From time to time she considers cutting to lessen the maintenance, but she procrastinates and as a result it never gets done.

When she speaks, her voice is often very soft and gentle. She has a lot of trouble projecting her voice, and cannot speak very loud even if she yells. She can only yell or scream loudly if she is panicked or afraid enough for it. She primarily speaks English, but she is very easily influenced and will pick up quickly on another person's languages if she spends enough time around them or hears it spoken a lot. Luna is a fairly healthy person, though she is notably stronger mentally than she is physically.

She doesn't have any allergies, but has a somewhat weak immune system. She can also make herself sick from worrying. Both her eyes and skin are sensitive to sunlight, so she often tries to avoid being in overly bright places during the day. Some television and computer screens hurt her eyes, but she prefers to not rely too much on technology anyway.

Psychological attributes and personality

Luna falls under the personality type INFJ, for those familiar with Myers-Briggs personality types. She isn't a very talkative person, and has a lot of trouble communicating with people she doesn't know very well. She gets very nervous in most social situations, and it can take a while for her to become comfortable with a person. Although she has trouble communicating and interacting with people, she has a huge soft-spot for humanity and loves to help others in any way she can. She will make huge sacrifices for the sake of those she cares deeply for and becomes very hurt when taken for granted.

She is not very self confident and often places herself lower than others. Part of this is because she feels that she doesn't fit in with other people, or that she doesn't belong in the 'crowd'. Her greatest fears are drowning and being left behind or forgotten, both of which she has had to experience before.

Despite her fears and insecurities, she tries her best to maintain a positive outlook on life. She knows that the stars could not shine were it not for the dark, and understands that sometimes things just happen for a reason. However, these facts are not always enough to make her feel better. Though she tries to think logically, she has a natural inclination to feel more than think.

She can become very stressed in unfamiliar situations. When she feels very stressed or nervous, she'll sometimes bite her lower lip. Most often, she'll find herself unable to look others in the eye and will instead look anywhere but their eyes. She will also clutch at her arms or attempt to make herself seem smaller. When she becomes upset with someone, she doesn't know how to confront them about it and will instead attempt to deny that anything is wrong while dropping subtle hints at the truth. She will become more agitated if they don't catch on.

She would like to live somewhere warm, but her idea of warm is still considerably cold. She cannot handle hotter climates very well because she is so used to the cold and will become dehydrated very quickly or will becomes very sick and feverish after spending too long in areas with considerably hot climates. Warmer areas will only cause some discomfort, but she can handle it better.


When Luna was a lot younger, she a lot more curious and a lot less shy and nervous towards people. She spent a lot more time on Earth interacting with people, and was very familiar with a lot of the ancient empires and civilizations. Over time, she became more acquainted with the ugliness and faults of humanity which ultimately drove her away. When she came back, things were almost entirely different. Majority of the people she had known were either gone or were no longer recognizable to her. She hopes that some of the people she used to know are still out there somewhere, but she also no longer recognizes them and also has a hard time remembering them. Almost everyone is a stranger to her now.